Beautiful binding boosts Nisbet's Holy Land book

29 April 2024

First published by James Nisbet in 1858, 'Lays of the Holy Land from ancient and modern Poets' comprises verse from a range of authors together with black and white Illustrations from Victorian artists including Myles Birket Foster, John Everett Millais and Thomas Seddon.


Hall in a day’s work for the 23-year-old who has been running an auction house since the age of 19

29 April 2024

Antiques Trade Gazette loves to hear about younger people coming into the world of art and antiques.


Wurlitzer organ on a whirl in Staffordshire saleroom

15 April 2024

Around 28 American-built Wurlitzers were originally transported to Britain from 1925 until just before the Second World War.


Lofty prices from attic comics find

08 April 2024

A collection of vintage comics has sold at auction in Lichfield for a total hammer price of £13,150.

Robert Recorde’s The Castle of Knowledge

Pioneering English astronomy book takes five-figure sum at Hansons auction

06 November 2023

A 1556 first edition copy of Welshman Robert Recorde’s The Castle of Knowledge was estimated at £5000-10,000 and made £12,600 including buyer’s premium at Hansons’ November 1 Library auction.


Bidders jump to attention for Paratrooper gear

30 October 2023

Airborne forces memorabilia is usually a winner at auction but especially when it’s an early example


All you need is light: a Beatles table lamp

23 October 2023

This kitschy Beatles table lamp discovered in a house clearance sold for an impressive £950 (estimate £100-150) on September 14.

Tikkunei Shabbat

Big bidding for a small prayer book: Hebrew manuscript takes five times estimate

11 September 2023

An 18th century copy of Tikkunei Shabbat (an amalgam of Hebrew prayers and devotions for the Sabbath) sold for £57,000 to an international phone bidder at Hansons on September 5.


Goss Harvard rarity emerges in a group lot

28 August 2023

Forty years ago, the market for crested china was booming – the subject of specialist sales, annual price guides and an international collecting base


Postcard flies into postal history with first airmail

14 August 2023

A postcard carried on the world’s first official airmail flight came up for auction in Staffordshire.

A drawng in The Illustrated Autobiography

Pick of the week: Family collection of manuscripts and pictures tell story of an artist lost in sadness

24 July 2023

A poignant description of life as an artist studying at the Royal Academy in the mid-19th century emerged at auction and more than doubled its estimate.

Missal prayer book

National Trust unveils prayer book connected to Charles II's escape bought at Liverpool auction

27 June 2023

The National Trust has confirmed its purchase of a prayer book at auction in Liverpool which is now on display at Staffordshire farmhouse Moseley Old Hall.


Why details matter in Star Wars market

26 June 2023

Showing little sign of their huge popularity slowing down, Star War figures made a significant contribution to a two-day TV and film-related auction.


Sasha dolls in demand at separate UK auctions

26 June 2023

Sasha dolls are named after their Swiss designer, artist Sasha Morgenthaler and were made in the UK and Germany from the mid to late 1960s.

Sir John Hunt’s mittens and ephemera

Everest 1953 expedition leader’s mittens reunited after auction

05 June 2023

Mittens worn by British Everest expedition leader Sir John Hunt in 1953 have been reunited 70 years later following a successful auction bid, it has been revealed.


Mitten worn on 1953 Everest expedition sold at Hansons

15 May 2023

A left-hand cotton mitten owned by John Hunt (1910-98), leader of the successful British Expedition to the summit of Mount Everest, sold for £3200 (plus 25% buyer’s premium) at Hansons in Bishton Hall, Staffordshire, on May 10.


Norman Hartnell designs for a princess emerge at Richard Winterton

01 May 2023

A group of signed drawings by royal fashion designer Norman Hartnell (1901-79) was offered at Richard Winterton (22% buyer’s premium) on February 15.

Roman Missal prayer book

National Trust buys prayer book of ‘Charles II’s priest’ for Moseley Old Hall

15 April 2023

The National Trust has bought a prayer book at auction in Liverpool for display at Staffordshire farmhouse Moseley Old Hall.


Stellar results from White Star liner designs

20 March 2023

Chipped to both elements, a Spode cup and saucer made for use on White Star liners sold online for £6000 at Richard Winterton (22% buyer’s premium).


Saleroom’s very local hero from just down the road

30 January 2023

Medals awarded to a gallant soldier who was gassed in the First World War were sold at auction just a few minutes’ walk from the house where he was born.