Obituary: Brian Saunders (1946-2023)

17 July 2023

Brian Saunders of Saunders Fine Art, Solihull, has passed away after a long battle with cancer.

The National Motorcycle Museum in Solihull.

Plea to help track down stolen coins after machete-wielding thieves strike at Solihull fair

18 January 2022

A group of coins were stolen from the London & Midland Coin Fairs taking place at the National Motorcycle Museum earlier this month.


The background to a glass act: how Knebworth and Solihull fairs emerged

23 April 2018

A look at how specialist events at Knebworth and Solihull are now under the same banner.

WEB lennon bike 2.jpg

John Lennon mini motorbike comes to auction

08 January 2018

What could be more rock ‘n’ roll than roaring around your own extensive estate on a motorbike, helter skelter? The H&H Classics saleroom is offering one such machine.


Hunters track down birds at National Glass Fair

06 November 2017

Susan and Mike Hunter of Twists Glass Studio in Selkirk on the Scottish Borders are two of the five newcomers to the National Glass Fair at the National Motor Museum in Solihull on Sunday, November 12.


Norman’s glass conquest

02 May 2017

A selling exhibition at the National Glass Fair on Sunday, May 7, will showcase some 40 to 50 pieces from the contemporary glassmaker Norman Stuart-Clarke who will be at the fair himself.