Canterbury Auction Galleries

Canterbury Auction Galleries in Kent are collectables and fine art auctioneers. Established in 1991, they hold regular valuation days and their auctions offer a range of items including pictures, jewellery, silver and furniture.


Stuart and early Georgian silver from early 20th century collector starts Kent sale with aplomb

17 December 2018

On the market for the first time in at least 60 years, and in some cases for more than a century, a small collection of 17th and 18th century silver accounted for a fraction of the lots but 20% of the total at the two-day winter sale at Canterbury Auction Galleries (24% buyer’s premium).


Bawden farm reaps reward at Kent auction

12 November 2018

Work by the community of mid-20th century painters in Essex known as the Great Bardfield Artists fetches strong sums on the secondary market.


Bid barometer

20 October 2018

ATG’s selection of auction lots bought by internet bidders on from the period October 4-11, 2018. This includes both the highest prices over estimate and the top prices paid online.

Pen and ink silhouettes Mendip auction rooms

Five lots that caught bidders’ eyes including pen and ink silhouettes, a Qing model of a tree and an 18th century casket

12 October 2018

ATG’s selection of highlights sold at auctions this week, including a model tree taken from the Chinese emperor's Summer Palace.


Single-owner collection of police truncheons comes to auction in Kent

25 September 2018

Historian and collector Gavin Littaur is to auction a selection of his extensive collection of police truncheons and tipstaves.


Communism in Canterbury

27 August 2018

For a Communist tyrant, Joseph Stalin remains remarkably popular in the capitalist world of UK auctions – the latest evidence provided by a rare cast bronze death mask offered at Canterbury Auction Galleries (24% buyer’s premium).

John Glenn signed.jpg

Fascinating archive up at Canterbury reveals the glory days of the space race

23 July 2018

The lifelong interest which inspired an extensive archive of space exploration photos now coming up at auction was first sparked off by a HG Wells novel received as a gift.


Keyboard instrument collectors tune up and turn up

25 June 2018

Putting a third major collection of highly specialist and highly priced material onto the market within little over three years might seem to be asking too much of a limited number of wealthy enthusiasts.

WEB canterbury barometer shackleton.jpg

Barometer and dinner plate from the heroic age of polar exploration up at auction

30 May 2018

When ‘collecting fields’ are talked about it can mean certain eras rather than just ceramics, glass or silver for example. The ‘heroic age of polar exploration’ is a classic example.


Josephine shows her face

21 May 2018

Not, perhaps, the face modern eyes would immediately think of captivating an emperor, but this porcelain plaque portrait of Napoleon’s first wife, Josephine, was one of a number of major attractions at Canterbury Auction Galleries’ (24% buyer’s premium) Spring Sale.


Colt Clavier to be dispersed in Canterbury

07 May 2018

The Colt Clavier collection of historical keyboard instruments will be offered on June 7 in a sale held by Canterbury Auction Galleries in association with London specialist Piano Auctions.


Pick of the Week: Chinese bronze taken from Summer Palace sells for six figures at auction

16 April 2018

A rare Western Zhou bronze, taken when the Summer Palace was sacked by British troops in 1860, sold for £410,000 (plus 20% buyer’s premium) at the Canterbury Auction Galleries.

2335NEDI Chinese bronze Tiger Ying.jpg

Summer Palace bronze sells for £410,000 at Canterbury Auctions

11 April 2018

An exceptionally rare Western Zhou bronze, taken when the Summer Palace was sacked by British troops in 1860, has sold for £410,000, four times its lower estimate.


Summer Palace bronze up at auction in Canterbury

26 March 2018

An exceptionally rare Western Zhou bronze, taken when the Summer Palace was sacked by British troops in 1860, has been discovered in a house in a Kent seaside town.

Tiger ying

Rare Chinese bronze ‘tiger’ vessel looted by British troops from Beijing’s Summer Palace found in Kent time capsule

22 March 2018

An exceptionally rare Western Zhou bronze, taken when the Summer Palace was sacked by British troops in 1860, has been found in a house in a Kent seaside town.


French furniture keeps the market fresh

05 March 2018

With most English furniture still underperforming at auction, it is French 19th century cabinetmaking that is providing the soundest base of furniture sales in England.


Take a peep at arcade machines sold at auction

05 March 2018

Commonly known as a What The Butler Saw machine, a late 19th-early 20th century Mutoscope was the most alluring of a consignment of a collection of amusement arcade machines offered at Canterbury Auction Galleries (20% buyer’s premium).


Conservative depiction could be of colourful noble

05 March 2018

A portrait thought to depict one of the most notorious characters of the Jacobean age drew strong bidding in Canterbury.

WEB Canterbury Magna Carta saved for city.jpg

Rare engraving of the Canterbury Magna Carta is bought at local auction by the city's cathedral

11 December 2017

A rare engraving of ‘Canterbury’s Magna Carta’ of 1215 has been saved for the Kent city after it appeared in a sale at The Canterbury Auction Galleries.


'Castle top' vinaigrette brings a tale to Canterbury auction

27 November 2017

The Canterbury Auction Galleries included this George IV silver vinaigrette by John Lawrence & Co, Birmingham, decorated with a view of St Peter’s Church, Brighton. It sold to an Australian internet bidder for £2300.