Special Reports


Art and antiques given as corporate gifts: not just producing a feel-good factor but tax benefits too

01 April 2024

A new consultancy firm has been launched by two former Arts Council advisers, specialising in the UK’s policy and laws governing the movement of cultural property.


Entertainment memorabilia produces star prices

29 January 2024

Entertainment memorabilia specialist auction house Propstore held some of the most successful sales of 2023.


‘For everyday items it will continue to be a buyer’s market’

29 January 2024

In Ireland, Adam’s of Dublin held 32 auctions over the course of 2023, raising a hammer total of €13.8m (£12m) which was up from €12.6m in 2022.


Annual auction totals: Dreweatts takes top spot again in an increasingly selective market

29 January 2024

Regional firms report that while big buyers remain active the middle level is challenging


The art of inheritance: be aware of the probate and tax implications

15 January 2024

Ahead of possible changes mooted for the next year, here two experts explain what the current rules in England and Wales mean for anybody inheriting art, antiques and collectables. By Gregor Kleinknecht, MEUM Law, and Lee Moss, Rawlinson & Hunter

Gander & White

Shipping and delivery: The sea is green

25 September 2023

The industry is tackling the thorny issue of sustainability in shipping and delivery for art and antiques


Shipping and delivery: ‘Green living’ in a material world

25 September 2023

The UK government earlier this year announced it is giving packaging producers more time to be greener: it has deferred new rules to ensure the producers pay for the cost of recycling from 2024 to October 2025.

Beeswax cloth

Shipping and delivery: Waxing lyrically

25 September 2023

Beeswax wraps have become a popular alternative for food packaging. Dr Peter Cannon-Brookes, a British art historian and museologist (formerly keeper of art at Birmingham and at the National Museum of Wales), looks at the history of the waxed cloth and why beeswax could be important for the future of sustainable packaging


Shipping and delivery: Brexit is getting better but still a business burden

25 September 2023

It’s more than three and a half years since Britain left the EU on January 31, 2020.


Shipping and delivery: How auction houses deal with in-house shipping

25 September 2023

Many auction houses find offering a packing and delivery option too costly and time consuming especially for a wide variety of items from an 18 piece dinner service to a dining table and 12 chairs.

Chinese heavenly globe vase

Annual auction totals: Dreweatts retains top spot as market readjusts after the pandemic impact

20 February 2023

In the first test of the post-Covid era many of the UK’s top salerooms posted strong figures for art, antiques and luxury items across the calendar year.


Fools go Russian in: why the art world needs to consider sanctions carefully

11 July 2022

An expert view on how post-Ukraine invasion restrictions are giving the art market plenty to think about

A quick guide on what the Russian bans now entail

11 July 2022

The US, UK, EU and other countries have directed a slew of sanctions and restrictive measures at Russia which have seen the closure, suspension or quietening down of operations in Russia by international banks and companies, including some major international auction houses.


ATG conference: Going, going… green and online

04 April 2022

Auctioneers get together to hear the latest market trends and top tips for 2022


Second-hand and sustainable: A special report from Auction Technology Group

21 March 2022

Firms selling second-hand items such as antiques can now quantify the environmental advantages thanks to a new report. They can also improve their competitive edge by auditing and publishing their own green credentials.


1 million tonnes of carbon emissions saved by these 15 auction items

21 March 2022

Auction Technology Group recently worked with carbon research consultants Small World Consulting to discover just how positive an impact buying second-hand items at auction can have on the planet.

Taking responsibility for our own impact

21 March 2022

The auction industry plays an important role in accelerating the growth of the circular economy with the evolution of online auctions helping to facilitate the market for second-hand goods.


Shipping and delivery: How to go green when transporting art

24 May 2021

Much is made about the green credentials of antiques but transporting them can affect their carbon footprint

Gander & White’s lorry

Logistics and delivery firms say business is slowly getting better

24 May 2021

Green issues are coming to the fore but the focus for art and antiques delivery firms in the past year has been dealing with Brexit and the pandemic.


Online bidding: The key moment

22 March 2021

Fifteen years ago an auction was held which heralded the online transformation in the bidding process and opened sales up to potential buyers across the world