Henry Adams

Henry Adams are based Chichester, West Sussex and hold auctions at the historic Baffins Hall throughout the year.

New recruits

New faces at auction houses in the UK and overseas

25 January 2024

A new director at a West Sussex firm and expansion in Sheffield are among the latest Movers & Shakers across the world of art and antiques.


Portrait miniature buyers make Smart choices

22 November 2021

In demand at home and abroad during his lifetime, the eminent miniaturist John Smart was an international draw at a trio of sales.


Rioja ready to take away

09 November 2020

Henry Adams in West Sussex will hold The December Auctions Fine Wines & Spirits sale on December 17.


Portuguese works pop into Chichester saleroom

19 October 2020

A pair of late oil landscapes by Silva Porto (1850-93), a pioneer of naturalism in Portugal whose works appear rarely outside his home country, drew multiple bids at Chichester saleroom Henry Adams (20% buyer’s premium).


Archaeological revival bracelet attracts bidders in Chichester

27 January 2020

Estimated at £2000-3000, this French gold and enamel bracelet set with seven oval carved hardstone intaglios sold for £8500 (plus 20% buyer premium) at Henry Adams of Chichester on January 16.


Memento ring of the last Jacobite to be executed for treason sells in Chichester

11 February 2019

A local family that could trace a clear line back to the 1750 was the consignor of this gold, white enamel and citrine mourning ring to Henry Adams in Chichester.


Cedric Morris blooms again at Chichester auction

21 January 2019

Henry Adams has achieved an auction record for Cedric Morris (1889-1982), completing a hat-trick of high prices for the artist-plantsman at the Chichester saleroom.


Previews: £30,000 plus

14 January 2019

Our weekly selection from salerooms and dealerships.


Bidding for Evelyn Ince shows sign of female artists in demand

29 October 2018

The current demand for female artists was in evidence at Henry Adams (20% buyer’s premium) of Chichester when a work by Evelyn Ince (1886-1941) went under the hammer.


Alphabet images spell sale interest

08 May 2017

A scarce complete portfolio of 26 prints from Erté’s (1892-1990) famed Alphabet Suite appeared at Henry Adams (20% buyer’s premium) on April 12 in Chichester.


Sir Cedric blossoms again in West Sussex for a fresh auction record

21 April 2017

Almost exactly a year after setting an auction record for modern British painter Sir Cedric Morris (1889-1982), the Henry Adams saleroom has done it again.

Sir Cedric Morris

Auction record for Cedric Morris in Chichester for the second year running

19 April 2017

A new auction record was set for modern British painter Sir Cedric Morris (1889-1982) at Chichester’s Henry Adams which hammered down the still life oil on canvas ‘Wild Flowers’ at £130,000.

Cedric Morris still life

Cedric Morris blossoms in the saleroom with two auction records set in 48 hours

15 April 2016

In the space of just 48 hours, two paintings by the self-taught Welsh artist and horticulturalist Cedric Morris (1889-1982) raised the auction bar for his work to a new level.