19th Century European Art

This sector covers the full range of continental European painting during the 19th century and includes Neoclassicism, French Academic painting, German Romantic art and Realist works.


Five questions with London dealer Andreas Pampoulides

08 July 2024

Lullo Pampoulides is a dealership focused on master paintings and sculpture. It was established in 2016 by Andrea Lullo and Andreas Pampoulides.


A week with a wealth of variety

08 July 2024

Annual London showcase of dealer exhibitions offers wide range of artists and styles across 500 years


Sporting approach to the Paris Olympics

06 July 2024

Most Parisian galleries are going away for the summer but one hardy soul is holding an Olympic exhibition


Artist who was blown away by hot air balloons

01 July 2024

With very few exceptions, the French artist Victor Philippe Lemoine-Benoit (active 1831-50) devoted almost all of his painting career to one subject: hot-air balloons of the type made famous by the Montgolfier brothers in the late 18th century.


Menzel’s Moroccans became a timely work

24 June 2024

June 2, 1878, began as a normal day in the varied life of the German artist Adolph von Menzel.


Swedish portrait of the formidable Ellen soars in Somerset

03 June 2024

Strong bidding emerged at Lawrences (25% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne for a Swedish portrait of Ellen Wester (1873-1930), a pioneering female translator and journalist.


Marquess shows it’s not just female Massot appeal

27 May 2024

When it comes to the portraits of the Swiss artist Firmin Massot (1766- 1849), it tends to be depictions of young female sitters shown either full length of ‘jusqu’aux genoux’ (as far as the knees) – a format he often favoured – that attract the most attention commercially.


Italian artist's detailed view of London exhibition emerges in Rome auction

20 May 2024

Although the image may be familiar from stereoscopic photographs and engravings of the period, this view of the 1862 'London International Exhibition of Industry and Art' is an oil and canvas by the Italian painter Federico Moja (1802-85).


Chardin still-life among highlights at French auctions this season

20 May 2024

Stand-out lots from upcoming sales including Chardin still-life, Napoleonic marshal's baton and fine art collection acquired over decades


Klimt as a cheaper buy

13 May 2024

Like all artists born in the 19th century, Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) underwent a traditional academic training, studying at the Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule (now the University of Applied Arts, Vienna) from 1876-83.


Javanese prince who became an artist

06 May 2024

Over the years, Cologne auction house Van Ham has achieved high prices for works by Raden Saleh Ben Jaggia.


Prud’hon Psyche caused a stir

06 May 2024

One of the highlights on the first day of the May 30-31 auction at Grisebach in Berlin is a collection of 33 works on paper from the collection of the one-time Cologne gallery owner Rudolf Zwirner.


Monkey business from von Max

06 May 2024

The German artist Gabriel von Max (1840-1915) was not only an accomplished painter but also a passionate follower of Darwinism.


Middle East painted to Western taste by Huysmans

06 May 2024

To understand how European audiences viewed the Middle East in the 19th century, you could do worse than look at the body of work produced by Belgian artist Jan-Baptist Huysmans (1826-1906)*.


Flights of fantasy: artist depicted hot-air balloons he never saw

06 May 2024

With very few exceptions, the French artist Victor Philippe Lemoine-Benoit devoted almost all of his painting career to one subject: hot-air balloons of the Montgolfière type.

Danzig Harbour

Painting taken from Jewish family’s Berlin home restituted with help of The Art Loss Register

16 April 2024

A painting belonging to a Jewish family who were forced to flea Germany under the Nazi’s has been returned to the family’s remaining heir with the help of The Art Loss Register.

Sophie Frémiet portrait

Dealer sells portrait by female artist to Getty Museum

11 April 2024

With international institutions keen to rebalance their collections to include more works by female artists, the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles announced this week that it has bought an early portrait by Sophie Frémiet (1797-1867).


How a sensible pitch yields rewards for traditional pictures

01 April 2024

It’s wise to keep a lid on estimates for traditional pictures where condition and market freshness is lacking

Géricault study

Three rediscovered early 19th century French drawings soar above estimates at Paris auction

26 March 2024

Three unpublished drawings by the French artist Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault (1791-1824) have sold at auction in Paris.

Carl Gustav Carus painting

Auction record set for Carl Gustav Carus after Faust find

18 March 2024

Rediscovered work inspired by Goethe emerges at auction in Germany