Portrait of Napoleon sold for $15,000 (£12,400) at Austin Auction Gallery.

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This particular pose is one taken from The Emperor Napoleon in His Study in the Tulieries (1812) by David.

A slightly dishevelled emperor turns his face to look at the viewer, with his right hand tucked into his jacket. He wears the uniform of a colonel in the Imperial Guard Foot Grenadiers - a group of elite soldiers that Napoleon personally commanded - and medals of two institutions he founded, the Order of the Iron Crown and the Legion of Honour.

Probably contemporary

This 2ft 4in x 23in (71 x 58.5cm) version, catalogued as ‘after Jacques-Louis David’ was undated but is quite probably a contemporary copy rather than one of the later 19th century creations made during the Bonapartism era.

It came for sale from the estate of Texas interior designer Robert Garrett. He resided for five decades in one of Austin’s most remarkable homes, a mansion built in 1853 by the sister-in-law of Jim Bowie.