Information Guides

Practical advice and information for auctioneers, dealers and collectors. The items listed here are designed to provide a general guide.

Auction Guide

Auctions offer a wealth of interesting material and, more and more, people are discovering that they are a good source of furnishings at much less than retail cost.

Determining Value

You may think age, rarity and craftsmanship are what make for a desirable antique or artwork... and largely you'd be right. But these are by no means the only determinants of value. Here are some other factors to consider.

Endangered Species

The trade in endangered species in the UK is governed by the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna.

Export Licences

When art and antiques are bought and sold above certain the value thresholds, it is necessary to obtain licences to export these items from the UK.


The hallmarking of precious metals represents Britain’s oldest form of consumer protection.

Historical Periods

Art and antiques are often categorised by age and period. Here is a list of the English, French, American, Chinese and Japanese main historical periods.

Shipping and Insurance

When it comes to transporting fine art and antiques, there are plenty of shipping companies who offer services specially tailored for the industry.

Top Ten Prices

ATG's table of the highest prices for art

Weights and Measures

Your guide to how the key metrics and measurements for the art and antiques sector