Capes Dunn

Capes Dunn was founded in 1826 in Manchester, its saleroom is currently based in Cheshire.

They hold regular interiors, vintage and modern auctions auctions as well as specialist sales including European and Oriental ceramics, glass, jewellery, silver, watches, northern art, books, maps and prints. They also provide probate and insurance valuations.


Textbook Kangxi blue and white vases emerge at sales in the north and south

30 November 2020

Pictured below are two textbook Kangxi (1662-1722) period blue and white vases.


Entertainment memorabilia previews from the Fab Four in New York to James Bond in London

17 February 2020

A selection of upcoming entertainment lots at auctions ranging from the Fab Four in New York to James Bond in London and Tommy Cooper in Stockport.


Lowry drawing of bearded man with walking cane sells above hopes at Capes Dunn

10 February 2020

This pencil drawing of a bearded man with a walking cane by LS Lowry (1887-1976) is typical of the stylised figures based on the men and women the artist passed in the street.


Affordable art: Three works sold for £750 or under including Edgar Wood oil painting

12 August 2019

Three modestly valued works selling at regional sales at £750 or under, including an oil by designer known more for Arts & Crafts jewellery and furniture.


Get in touch with nature at your local saleroom: Six lots inspired by plants and animals

10 December 2018

From a Victorian Seaweed album to a pair of pottery bird panels, we have a look at art and antiques coming up at auction next week, all of which are inspired by the natural world.


20th century Russian hard-paste figures heading back to the east

11 June 2018

Hard-paste figures of Russian ethnic characters and workers have appeared at English auctions on a number of occasions in recent years (ATGs passim), generally to keen interest from the Motherland and eastern Europe.

WEB dr no capes dunn 14-3-17.jpg

James Bond 'Dr No' film posters produce auction double 0 heaven

15 March 2017

Latest auction results in the film poster market show that for the right designs with a licence to thrill the buyers will follow.

14-03-12-2132PV01C Pietra-dura table.jpg

Pietra-dura table in Manchester

12 March 2014

First seen by auctioneers Capes Dunn in 1987 during an insurance valuation, this pietra-dura table has now been consigned to their next sale.


Lowry leads Manchester sale

25 July 2012

On July 31, Capes Dunn’s Northern Artists sale in Manchester will include ‘Woman Walking’ by L.S. Lowry (1887-1976).


Available at under £2000, the £82,000 desk...

06 May 2005

“IT was the power of the press that did it,“ said a red-faced, but delighted, auctioneer Michael Perry of Capes Dunn & Co. (15% buyer’s premium). News has only recently filtered down to the ATG of a spectacular result posted by the Manchester auctioneers back on February 22.

Collectors show their colours in battles for rare royals

19 February 2001

UK: THE market for commemorative ceramics proved to be strong at the Manchester rooms of Capes Dunn when two 1911 Royal Doulton beakers marking the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary were offered.

Limoges brings international bids to Lytham

05 June 2000

UK: ONE of a set of twelve 16th century Limoges enamelled plates, which were offered for sale by the Manchester auctioneers Capes Dunn during a special sale on May 25 conducted from the Assembly Rooms in Lytham to promote their regional office on the Fyld coast.