Issues relating to insurance are a key subject for art and antiques dealers, auctioneers, collectors and curators.

The insurance market has long provided specialist cover in this area but firms have begun to broaden their scope with regard to risk assessment and management.


Ship or not to ship? An insurer’s point of view on one of the biggest dealer costs

21 November 2022

Shipping is one of the largest annual costs for art and antique dealers so it’s no surprise that many look for the most cost-effective method of shipping to get orders to excited clients.

Jennifer Mass

Scientists and art specialists propose standards for the art and antiques trade

15 November 2022

A group of scientists and art specialists met to discuss proposals to create industry-wide standards for condition reports and the verification of art and antiques.

Packing Cases

ATG letter: Insurers must get on board with eco-friendly packaging

27 June 2022

You may take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. In January 2020 my wife and I lent two modest paintings to the exhibition, 'Ulysses: Art and Legend', mounted by the Musei San Domenico in Forlí.

Portobello Road area flooding

Portobello dealers ‘left reeling’ as flood hits shops and arcades

19 July 2021

Portobello Road dealers are cleaning up after “a month of rain in 90 minutes” flooded homes and businesses in the area last week.


FCA insurance ruling welcomed by the trade

25 January 2021

News of the Supreme Court ruling that will allow thousands of small businesses to receive insurance payouts covering losses from the first national coronavirus lockdown has been largely welcomed within the art and antiques trade.


Loaning art at home and abroad – a check list

23 December 2019

As a collector, there are a number of attractive reasons why you may wish to loan an artwork or antique to an institution, either temporarily or long term, writes Petra Warrington of Hunters Law.


Hey big lender - options for collectors

23 December 2019

Building your collection can involve a lot of thought along with the time and money involved, but it is also worth spending a while thinking about how to share it.


Policy aims at non-traditional gallery dealers

24 June 2019

A new insurance policy targeting dealers who do not work in traditional galleries has been launched by London and Lymington brokers Hallett Independent,.


COMMENT: The art market challenges

24 June 2019

The principle of insurance is to put you back into the position that you were in before the loss occurred. This can be challenging when navigating the art market, writes Dr Abigail Price.


COMMENT: How we can step in to help

24 June 2019

We have recently acted for a number of clients who either have had the misfortune of having to call on their insurance when a piece of artwork has been damaged or where we have been instructed by insurers to bring a swift resolution to a spurious claim, writes Rudy Capildeo.

ATG letter: Insurance implications of the 'sleeper'

28 January 2019

MADAM – I totally agree with the comments made by Eddie Holt (‘Spectacularly wrong valuations? No thanks’, Letters, ATG No 2376) regarding valuations given by ‘experts’.


INSURANCE: Steps buyers and sellers can take in a business fraught with risks

17 July 2017

The business of trading in art and antiques is fraught with risks. With the added complexity of Brexit looming, ATG outlines the insurance steps buyers and sellers can take...


INSURANCE: Get ready for Brexit realities

17 July 2017

The UK and European Union now face an uncertain future, with cross-border controls a key concern for exporters and importers as politicians debate memberships of the single market and customs union. What does this mean for the art market and its insurance needs?

Insurance on a budget: top tips for art market professionals

17 July 2017

“There are insurers in the market who purport to be specialists but who have little, if any, experience in settling difficult claims, such as those involving depreciation as a result of damage. Their premiums are very competitive, but brokers have no knowledge of how claims will be settled.


‘All risk’ insurance won’t cover Dutch theft

10 April 2017

An audacious robbery in Amsterdam has left a dealer without insurance cover for the theft of more than 250 Asian works of art.

Antiques insurance

Insuring valuables in a changing world: the art and antiques market takes cover

20 July 2016

Increased risk around compliance, global trade and even terrorism suggests antiques firms need to insure a wider range of activities. But how can they do so without breaking the bank?

Insurance for conceptual art

28 April 2015

US insurance firms Crystal & Co and AIG Private Client Group are working together to create a new product for owners of conceptual art.

Art insurers cover auctions blighted by technical failure

02 February 2015

Specialist fine art insurance brokers Anthony Wakefield & Co. are to offer cover for auctions cancelled or abandoned due to technical failure.

Hiscox launch self-valuation policy online

30 January 2014

Hiscox have launched what they say is a unique insurance policy allowing collectors to value their own items and sign up online for cover in minutes.

Christie’s new insurance for UK private clients

02 November 2009

CHRISTIE’S have launched a one-stop insurance service for UK private clients, taking in all their insurance requirements in a single-payment policy package.