Chess collecting: now it’s your move

27 November 2023

How much would you spend on an antique or vintage chess set? Here are three examples from different periods that sold across a wide range of prices.


Shooting gallery target to get your teeth into

27 November 2023

In September 2020, Soulis Auctions knocked down record prices at a sale of the Richard and Valerie Tucker collection of carnival shooting gallery targets.


Dial M for huge 007 memorabilia price

27 November 2023

To say that James Bond memorabilia is hugely collectable is not a statement to cause a huge shock.


The difference detail can make to mass products

27 November 2023

The Matchbox Superfast 74a Daimler Fleetline Bus estimated at £60-80 as Lot 214 in the Vectis (27% buyer’s premium inc VAT) sale on October 31 made £35, while the version guided at £50-70 two lots later made £120.


Marx goes to war in a big way with a huge toy soldier playset

27 November 2023

The first American Civil War playset produced by Marx came in 1958 but in 1961 a real blockbuster version appeared: the Giant Blue and Gray Battle Set.


Bild-Lilli: the sexy and sassy character that inspired Barbie

27 November 2023

The Barbie movie might not have been such a hit if it was called Bild-Lilli instead.


Japanese post-war toys – the novelty that has not worn off

27 November 2023

The highly imaginative post-war toys made in Japan for the US market are sought-after lots at auction


Autogiros made by Britains soar in Pittsburgh

27 November 2023

Created in the late 1920s by Spanish aeronautical engineer Juan de la Cierva (1895-1936), the autogiro entered service in the late 1930s.


White gloves for Chameroy’s eclecticism

20 November 2023

The late Jean Louis Chameroy (1946-2020) was born in the city of Troyes in France but moved to the London in 1960s.


Chaumet’s ‘floating laurel leaves’ bring £240,000

20 November 2023

Bonhams’ London Jewels sale on September 21 was topped by this Chaumet diamond necklace.


The draw of a great sapphire and a great atelier

20 November 2023

Kashmir sapphires have acquired a near-legendary status, due to their lustrous cornflower colour, soft velvety texture and extreme rarity.


Hardman jewel with a Pugin connection

20 November 2023

This gothic revival gold and enamel 'artist's jewel' made by the Birmingham metalworkers Hardman and Co is very similar to one given by architect Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-52) to his third wife Jane Knill.


New scholarship pays off for teapots

20 November 2023

Chiswick Auctions’ most successful silver sale to date on October 11 included a George II teapot of American colonial interest.


Silver: Cutting the mustard

20 November 2023

The forthcoming sale of a collection of around 100 silver mustard pots in Newcastle highlights the connection between the northeast and the rise of the commercial trade in English mustard


Rolex for the Japanese market comes to London auction

20 November 2023

This rare Rolex reference 6238 was one made for the Japanese market in 1965.


Drawing conclusions on jeweller Templier at auction

20 November 2023

Raymond Templier (1891-1968) came from a traditional Parisian jewellery family but became one of a small group of designers dubbed ‘bijoutiers-artistes’ or artist jewellers.


Bulgari heads Notting Hill luxury week auction

20 November 2023

Signed jewels by contemporary and historic makers come to auction as part of Elmwood’s first ‘Winter Luxury Week’.


Antique and vintage jewels and watches on a budget

20 November 2023

A selection of antique and vintage jewels and watches on a £500 budget that are perfect for gift giving this season


Mr Durs Egg describes his pistol power

13 November 2023

Stellar English, Indian and Turkish pieces are promised at Olympia Auctions on December 6 in west London.


Farmer’s interest in militaria grew rapidly

13 November 2023

A childhood in Wiltshire partly spent picking up ammunition lying around as a result of the Allied preparations for D-Day helped to spark Alexander Jeremy Peckover Penrose’s (known as Jerry) interest in firearms.