Auction Team Breker

Auction Team Breker are based in Köln, Germany.

They specialise in mechanical musical instruments, science, technology, ‘technical’ antiques and toys.


Science & technology: Collectors who know their type

15 April 2024

Knowledgeable bidders generated high prices for early typewriters at German technology specialist’s latest sale


Very early TV set that’s a must for connoisseurs

10 July 2023

The HMV 900 was one of first television receivers designed by the Marconi-EMI Television Company, the firm that also provided the technology for Britain’s first television service.


US design formed latest type of telegraph tech

01 May 2023

This rare US patent model, offered for sale by German ‘technical antiques’ specialist Auction Team Breker (21.8% buyer’s premium), aimed to change the way messages were passed via the telegraph in the mid 19th century.

White And White Telegraph Keypad

Early telegraph keypad stars in our pick of five auction highlights

07 April 2023

ATG’s weekly selection of items that caught bidders’ eyes includes a rare ‘Telegraphic Key Apps’ from 1855 that made over 10 times estimate at a German auction.


Roll out the barrel organ

09 May 2022

Until the widespread advent of the wireless, barrel organs were a familiar sight (and sound) on the streets of Berlin and other major German cities.


French inventor Colmar's Arithmomètre sells in German saleroom

14 March 2022

Although the French inventor Charles-Xavier Thomas de Colmar introduced the first model of his calculating machine Arithmomètre in 1820, he waited some 30 years before he started producing them in series.

Antique Ericsson telephone

Royal connection: King Oscar's telephone at auction

15 November 2021

Guaranteed to attract attention at science and technical antiques specialist Auction Team Breker on November 6 was this remarkable Ericsson telephone.


Rare phonograph ready to play in Cologne sale

08 June 2020

The Parisian clockmaker Henri Lioret (1848-1938) entered the market for ‘talking machines’ in an unconventional fashion – his first patented device of 1893 was a talking doll.


Musical box suitable for a big noise comes to auction

11 May 2020

As a rule, musical boxes, which were the favoured mode of reproducing music by mechanical means in the salons of Europe and the US during the 19th century, were more or less portable mechanisms.


Qwerty minded: typewriters tempt bidders in German sale

27 April 2020

Specialist auction house sells early versions hailing from the US


Calculating a fortune in Cologne

23 September 2019

On October 12 Auction Team Breker in Cologne is holding a sale dedicated to antique office equipment. Among the distinctive pieces on offer is this Arithmomètre from 1865 guided at €3000-5000.


Early typewriter pushes all the right buttons at German auction

27 May 2019

An example of the first commercially produced typewriter – one of only five in private hands – has sold for €100,000 at auction in Germany.


Photography pioneer pictures French city in 1840

15 April 2019

Philippe Fortuné Durand is regarded as the first professional photographer in France.


Fruit seller automaton winds way to Cologne sale

08 May 2017

Gustave Vichy was probably the most accomplished manufacturer of automata in fin de siècle France. A prime example of his art is putting in an appearance at the May 20 sale of Auction Team Breker in Cologne.

malling hansen writing ball 2271IE02 12-12-16.jpg

First commercially produced typewriter the Malling-Hansen Writing Ball sells at Cologne auction

12 December 2016

As you peruse this story on your computer, smartphone or tablet, take a look at the keyboard on said devices and spare a thought for the Rev Rasmus Malling-Hansen (1835-90).


Buyer bites into rare slice of Apple computer history

10 January 2013

Auction Team Breker in Cologne have sold a technical rarity of the highest order – one of the six known working models of the first computer ever made by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the founders of Apple.

Phones ’aint what they used to be

01 February 2001

GERMANY: Telecommunication items sold at Auction Team Breker in Cologne included another great rarity: a Telefon-Globe Hide-A-Phone‚ manufactured c.1928.