Fieldings was founded by Will Farmer and Nicholas Davies in 2001. In 2023 Davies passed his majority shareholding to Farmer and the management team of Judith Woolgar and Rachel Holland.

Monthly auctions are held at the Stourbridge saleroom in the West Midlands as well as dedicated sales in fields such as fine art and antiques, glass and ceramics.


‘It felt like the old heyday of Clarice’

01 April 2024

Three-hundred lot sale of the Art Deco classic shows signs of the market returning to 1990s boom time

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Etna charger erupts at Clarice Cliff auction

18 March 2024

Last sold in 1994, a well-known Newport Pottery promotional piece brings £18,500 in Stourbridge.


Album helped Rolling Stones to go on tour, not fade away

11 March 2024

In 1969 the Rolling Stones were ready to go touring again after a gap of more than two years. Featuring a new guitarist, the 17-date tour in the US began on November 7.


West Midlands auction house holds extensive Clarice Cliff sale in the 125th year since her birth

08 March 2024

Fieldings director Will Farmer counts this year as his “40th in the world of Clarice Cliff”. Over the years he has lectured on her around the world, written books, consulted, and even featured in the recent biopic on her life and work.

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Promo album helped Rolling Stones to go on tour, not fade away

05 March 2024

In 1969 the Rolling Stones were ready to go touring again after a gap of more than two years. Featuring a new guitarist, the 17-date tour in the US began on November 7.


Whitefriars Drunken Bricklayer – a classic on paper

02 October 2023

Recent sales at Fieldings (26% buyer’s premium inc VAT) in Stourbridge have included elements of a cache of working drawings from the Whitefriars factory.


From chocolate and tea to tyres and petrol: a promotional selection of results

24 July 2023

Recent advertising highlights from UK sales and an Italian auction

Moorcroft vase

Pick of the week: Austere Moorcroft catches the eye

27 March 2023

The series of relatively austere wares made by Moorcroft in the 1930s are, today at least, not the factory’s most commercial designs.

Fieldings auctioneers

Co-founder of auction house Fieldings stands down after 21 ‘wonderful years’

20 March 2023

Stourbridge saleroom Fieldings Auctioneers has had a change in ownership.


Navigate your way round Breitling Navitimer dial styles

27 February 2023

Over the years, the Navitimer has undergone a variety of cosmetic and mechanical changes. Pictured here are three iterations of the watch as it evolved across two decades.


Have you got the guts to buy it?

22 August 2022

Priced on the cover at nine pence, it was a British copy of a Marvel comic of 1983, one that saw the first appearance of the mighty Thor, that led the bidding at £6300 in the comics section of a July 21-22 sale held by Fieldings (24% buyer’s premium).

WEB Entertainment Bowie 1

Six pieces of music memorabilia sold at auction including David Bowie's police mugshot

29 July 2022

A selection of standout lots sold recently – also featuring Del Boy's discovery of Peckham Spring Water

'The Colour Room'

Clarice Cliff comes to the big (and small) screen

27 November 2021

A film of artist potter Clarice Cliff’s (1899-1972) early life is now at cinemas and available via streaming services.


The sevenpenny Churchill work

01 November 2021

Copies of the 1900, first edition of Winston Churchill’s novel Savrola have made as much as £3500 at auction.

Will Farmer

Clarice Cliff film role for Antiques Roadshow auctioneer

04 October 2021

Auctioneer Will Farmer will move from the small to the big screen this autumn when he appears in a new feature film on the life of Clarice Cliff.


Gold medal for an England football debut doubles estimate at Fieldings' auction

23 August 2021

In the mid 1930s players making an England debut could receive a gold commemorative medal instead of their normal match fee.


Stars came out for Grand occasion

05 April 2021

While the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, may not have the same ring as Hotel California, in the Sixties it was the place to check in. And even leave afterwards.


Lenci figures show sex sells

26 October 2020

The latest British & Continental Ceramics & Glass Auction at McTear’s (24% buyer’s premium) was topped by 'La Modista Il Cappellino', a 14in (35cm) Lenci figure.


Albert Wainwright works highlight Stourbridge sale

26 October 2020

The Decades of Design sale at Fieldings (24% buyer’s premium inc VAT) in Stourbridge on October 15-16 included 52 works from the family of Albert Wainwright (1898-1943). He was a Castleford artist who trained at the Leeds School of Art in 1914.


Happy to be left in pieces

12 October 2020

Many auctioneers and dealers have appeared on the myriad of art and antiques TV programmes and salerooms have featured in many documentaries (Chelsea’s Lots Road for example).