Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Fond memory of Lincoln jewellery dealer Eric A Bird

09 January 2023

I would like to express my sadness on the closing of Eric A Bird Jewellers of Lincoln (Fairs, Markets, Shops & Centres, ATG No 2574).

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ATG letter: I received my VAT refund after ATG's coverage

09 January 2023

Thank you for taking up the irritating issue on behalf of your subscribers of eBay charging 20% VAT instead of the 5% directed by HMRC for antique items.

ATG letter: Antiques VAT mess is on top of ‘increasingly poor security’

19 December 2022

Re my letter: ‘Why does eBay charge incorrect import VAT?’ Letters, ATG No 2560). Just so you know, I never heard back from eBay, plus it seems they continue to charge the wrong 20% duty on most if not all antique items being sent into the UK.


ATG letter: It is such a pity that these Troika moulds are now separated

12 December 2022

The collection of the original Troika moulds, referenced in ATG No 2564, failed to find a buyer in our monthly auction in October.


ATG letter: Goodie, but no idea what it is

12 December 2022

This marvellous little object, 4in (10cm) long with no markings came in a box of goodies from an auction the other day.

ATG letter: VAT – the onus should be on eBay

12 December 2022

I read in ATG Letters Nos 2564 and 2560 about the problem relating to VAT calculation from eBay.


ATG letter: That £20 cost is down to the new Ivory Act charges

28 November 2022

I have just entered an early 19th century portrait miniature painted on ivory into my local auction and have been informed that, in order to enter it, I have to pay a £20 fee for it to be accepted for sale.


ATG letter: Barking up the wrong tree

28 November 2022

I believe the Bugatti sculpture pictured in ATG No 2569 (Sculpture special report) is a dachshund.

ATG letter: Thoughts on damp issues

28 November 2022

Re: use of dehumidifiers in old stonebuilt houses (Letters, ATG No 2567).

ATG letter: Stat proof of life on Mars

21 November 2022

Neither a dealer nor a collector, I am nonetheless an avid reader of my weekly ATG for its wonderful variety of content.


ATG letter: Can anyone identify this skating scene dated 1934?

21 November 2022

I have a mystery drawing from 1934 judging by the date given next to the signature.

ATG letter: Gavel, hammer… but maybe not a jellyfish

21 November 2022

On the subject of ‘gavel or hammer’, I say let the young auctioneer choose his or her own style.


ATG letter: Is this the first ever depiction of an art fair?

14 November 2022

One of the masterpieces of printmaking in Prague during the reign of the Emperor Rudolf II (1576- 1612), and a highlight of the important exhibition 'Printmaking in Prague' held in the British Museum this summer, is the famous etching of the interior of the Vladislav Hall of Prague Castle by Aegidius Sadeler II.


ATG letter: Your career will be satisfying – but ditch the ugly hammer…

07 November 2022

Your article on the various early experiences of an auctioneer by Toby Cleave is most intriguing (‘The auctioneer’s tale: moving from cattle to chattel’, ATG No 2566).


Letter: Reel was really an Allcocks

07 November 2022

Re: Bid Barometer, ATG No 2565. As the successful purchaser of the fishing reel sold by Mitchells of Cockermouth on October 14 which was illustrated within Bid Barometer I feel I must drop you a line regarding this.

Letter: Plea for advice to tackle mould on furniture and watercolours

07 November 2022

Can anybody please give me advice on what must be a fairly common problem for collectors with old houses?


ATG letter: Well said – a saleroom example to follow

31 October 2022

As a collector and frequent buyer at auctions, not local to where I live, it was uplifting to read Clare Durham’s letter ‘Provider of professional opinion should stand by it or admit fault’ (ATG No 2564).


ATG LETTER: Zoffany was identified in a private collection

24 October 2022

I was pleased to see Zoffany’s portrait of Mr Townsend featuring on the front page of ATG (No 2563).


The auctioneer’s tale: moving from cattle to chattel

24 October 2022

At ATG we always enjoy hearing about younger members of the trade making progress in their careers.

ATG letter: Provider of a professional opinion should stand by it or admit fault

17 October 2022

I feel for the author of the letter who appears to have stumped up part of their sale proceeds to cover a mistake made by the auction house acting on their behalf (‘Auction refunds: I’m confused about who is or isn’t responsible’, ATG No 2563).