Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Sotheby's fees – return to reasonableness

26 February 2024

As a layman who enjoys reading the ATG and dabbles in small buys, I applaud Sotheby’s initiative [to change the buyer’s and seller’s fees].

ATG Letter

ATG letter: New name is a worthless choice

26 February 2024

I recently received an online numismatic journal that informed me that The Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum has undergone a reorganisation.


ATG letters: What the trade thinks of the buyer’s premium

19 February 2024

Sotheby’s recent decision to lower and simplify its charges sparked a flurry of reaction which we published in last week’s issue (ATG No 2630). Letters to our bulging postbag followed soon after.


ATG letter: Three cheers for in-house shipping

05 February 2024

I would like to thank 1818 Auctioneers and specifically Sheryl who packed and posted.


ATG letter: Do you know where this Fortezza plate is?

05 February 2024

I am in search of a 16th century brass parade plate by the goldsmith Oratio or Horatio Fortezza who was born in around 1530 in Sebenico, Dalmatia, then part of the Venetian Republic, now Šibenik in Croatia where he died in May 1596.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: Thieves are still out there stealing stock

29 January 2024

Following on from my letters last year and articles in Antiques Trade Gazette about the issue of robberies from dealers at markets, I feel compelled to write again.


ATG letter: My bedtime story of saving dealer Dick Turpin from a pipe mishap

22 January 2024

Sworders’ advertisement (ATG No 2625) for the forthcoming sale of furniture and objects from the late Dick Turpin recalls an anecdote which may amuse.


ATG letter: Some Temporary Admission rules to be aware of

08 January 2024

I read your article in ATG No 2623 regarding UK imports set to become easier and the topic of Temporary Admission (TA) with interest.

ATG letter: Note of caution on Watts sale

02 January 2024

The report in ATG No 2615 that some copies of the Agatha Christie titles in the Charlie Watts sale at Christie’s were sold with dust jackets supplied from other copies raises some concerns.

ATG letter: Another UNESCO initiative, another series of bogus claims and statistics

04 December 2023

UNESCO is at it again, launching an initiative linked to antiquities with a series of bogus statistics to justify it.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: Why should I stump up a four-figure deposit just to bid?

20 November 2023

I am writing to share my recent experience attempting to bid in an auction. I completed the online registration and received an email from the auctioneer requesting additional verification (ID & utility bill), fair enough, and also a deposit of several thousand pounds.


ATG letter: Eyes wide open in the Dodgson ‘innocent’ debate

20 November 2023

The jury is still out, in respect of the sexuality, not to say the erotic urges, of the aesthetically inclined Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll), who – arguably, quite innocently – took numerous photographs of very young ladies, sometimes in the nude (the girls, that is).

ATG letter: Well done to Kempton fair organiser for taking dealer security seriously

06 November 2023

Following on from my correspondence regarding security for the trade at markets earlier this summer (ATG No 2599), on a recent visit to Kempton I saw first hand that organisers Edward and Jenny Cruttenden have stepped right up to the mark and I would say are offering one of the most secure environments for traders in London and the south east and deserve much praise.


ATG letter: The not-so-strange story of card maker Berry

30 October 2023

Regarding Christopher Crellen’s carte de visite (Letters, ATG No 2615), the following might be of interest.

ATG letter Elizabethan goblet – a typo in the catalogue

30 October 2023

I act for the Goldsmiths’ Company of the City of London and the Goldsmiths’ Hallmark Authentication Committee. Your article ‘Elizabethan goblet good to go after further examination’ page 4, ATG No 2612, is materially misleading. That arises from a typo in the auction catalogue.

ATG letter: Beware of antiquities claims that cloud the true picture

23 October 2023

Re: ‘More than $19m of antiquities have been returned to Italy following an investigation by New York authorities’, an ATG website story on October 17.


ATG letter: What a strange sort of carte de visite

23 October 2023

I own this rather macabre looking carte de visite, and wondered if ATG readers would enjoy the challenge of identifying its subject in the run-up to Halloween.


ATG letter: This rare set of prints I bought contained seven of the Canadian views, not five

09 October 2023

Your article ‘Rare Canadiana in Sussex… and another Bobins’ (Books and Works On Paper, ATG No 2607, plus an online version) made one significant error in an otherwise excellent review.

ATG letter: This is a fantastic time to be in the books and booksellers industry

02 October 2023

We were disappointed to read the article The Young Guard, published in ATG No 2609. After an hour-long interview discussing our experiences as young women in the beginning of our careers, we were taken aback by the published article’s seemingly disparaging portrayal of our narrow commentary around some of those experiences.

ATG letter: ‘Old white men’ is in itself an offensive term

25 September 2023

At 59, I am not sure whether the ‘Young Guard’ at Forum Auctions (ATG No 2609) would count me as an old man, but like a great many of us in the British antiques trade, in books and otherwise, of course I am white.