Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Reflections on your busy pages…

20 March 2023

How sad to read of the passing of Hugo Morley-Fletcher. No, I didn’t know him, but he was one of my favourites on the Antiques Roadshow.


Reflections on the beach

20 March 2023

Can any of your readers identify the painter of this picture, an oil on wood panel French beach scene, please?


ATG letter: Broken and stripped antiques are the result of the flawed Ivory Act

06 March 2023

When the 2018 Ivory Act was being debated key campaigners (Born Free, many MPs including Angela Rayner and numerous celebrity supporters -notably Stephen Fry and Deborah Meaden) argued that the Act would IN NO WAY cause the destruction of antiques.


ATG letter: Adventurer or artist maybe

06 March 2023

I have recently acquired this portrait miniature measuring 4 x 2½in (10 x 6.5cm) and I would be very interested to know if any of your readers can throw light on the identity of the sitter.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: Artist’s Resale Right is harming the secondary market at lower levels

27 February 2023

The majority of art dealers in the secondary market probably agree with Jeremy Taylor’s views on the Artist’s Resale Right (Letters, ATG No 2579) and had hoped that the Ivor Braka case (News, ATG No 2581) would be the start of a conversation.


ATG letter: Artist GH Warr refused to go to war

20 February 2023

Regarding Christopher Selkirk’s letter in ATG No 2580 enquiring about a painting by GH Warr, I have no idea who the sitter is but readers might be interested in new information on the artist.


ATG letter: Is this a schoolboy cricket prodigy?

13 February 2023

I wonder if any of your readers might be able to identify the sitter in this painting.

ATG letter: Send us your memories of Jimi Hendrix for our exhibition

13 February 2023

Handel & Hendrix in London cares for and presents to the public the homes of two of the greatest musicians ever to have lived in London.

ATG Letter

ATG letter: Artist’s Resale Right has already done the damage

06 February 2023

Your article in ATG No 2576 speculates that London and the UK might lose their prominence if the major antiques fairs close down.

ATG letter: Fond memory of Lincoln jewellery dealer Eric A Bird

09 January 2023

I would like to express my sadness on the closing of Eric A Bird Jewellers of Lincoln (Fairs, Markets, Shops & Centres, ATG No 2574).

Ebay Logo (002)Ww

ATG letter: I received my VAT refund after ATG's coverage

09 January 2023

Thank you for taking up the irritating issue on behalf of your subscribers of eBay charging 20% VAT instead of the 5% directed by HMRC for antique items.

ATG letter: Antiques VAT mess is on top of ‘increasingly poor security’

19 December 2022

Re my letter: ‘Why does eBay charge incorrect import VAT?’ Letters, ATG No 2560). Just so you know, I never heard back from eBay, plus it seems they continue to charge the wrong 20% duty on most if not all antique items being sent into the UK.


ATG letter: It is such a pity that these Troika moulds are now separated

12 December 2022

The collection of the original Troika moulds, referenced in ATG No 2564, failed to find a buyer in our monthly auction in October.


ATG letter: Goodie, but no idea what it is

12 December 2022

This marvellous little object, 4in (10cm) long with no markings came in a box of goodies from an auction the other day.

ATG letter: VAT – the onus should be on eBay

12 December 2022

I read in ATG Letters Nos 2564 and 2560 about the problem relating to VAT calculation from eBay.


ATG letter: That £20 cost is down to the new Ivory Act charges

28 November 2022

I have just entered an early 19th century portrait miniature painted on ivory into my local auction and have been informed that, in order to enter it, I have to pay a £20 fee for it to be accepted for sale.


ATG letter: Barking up the wrong tree

28 November 2022

I believe the Bugatti sculpture pictured in ATG No 2569 (Sculpture special report) is a dachshund.

ATG letter: Thoughts on damp issues

28 November 2022

Re: use of dehumidifiers in old stonebuilt houses (Letters, ATG No 2567).

ATG letter: Stat proof of life on Mars

21 November 2022

Neither a dealer nor a collector, I am nonetheless an avid reader of my weekly ATG for its wonderful variety of content.


ATG letter: Can anyone identify this skating scene dated 1934?

21 November 2022

I have a mystery drawing from 1934 judging by the date given next to the signature.