Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: Wood would be deceased

07 February 2022

Am I alone in being puzzled by the pair of William Wood miniatures sold at auction on January 6 and reviewed in ATG No 2527?

ATG letter: Thoughts on VAT and duty when it comes to NFTs

07 February 2022

I’m wondering. Suppose you purchase an NFT artwork, and you store it on a laptop or some other portable device.


ATG letter: Can anyone identify the sitter of this 'Hudson' portrait?

07 February 2022

I wonder if any reader can identify the sitter of this work, below.


ATG LETTER: Nelson print original is in our collection

10 January 2022

Re: ‘Fewer public gallery curators could mean a ‘tragic legacy’ of uncatalogued works’ (Letters, ATG No 2523).


ATG LETTER: We’re not jealous, honest…

10 January 2022

Just want to thank you for your brilliant continued editions!

ATG LETTER: SOFAA does not expect a printed catalogue

10 January 2022

The article ‘Doing the bidding of the Amazon generation’ (ATG No 2524), stated that the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers (SOFAA) expects its members to produce a printed catalogue for specialist sales.


ATG letter: Fewer public gallery curators could mean a ‘tragic legacy’ of uncatalogued works

20 December 2021

There is no argument that curators employed by public galleries perform an extremely important service way beyond their obvious role.


ATG letter: Cider picture – my bet is also Bateman says Rupert Maas

20 December 2021

Re: ‘In-cider knowledge needed…’, Letters, ATG Nos 2519/21.


ATG letters: Cider gatherers bring in a sizeable harvest of responses

06 December 2021

I do hope Dr Mike Wain has better luck than I did in finding out who painted his picture ('In-cider knowledge needed…', ATG No 2519).

letter02 – general - for web.jpg

ATG letter: My concern over increasing number of suffragette fakes

06 December 2021

In 2013 Antiques Trade Gazette was kind enough to print a letter from me in which I protested the practice of dealers and auctioneers of labelling as ‘suffragette’ any piece of jewellery that combined stones approximating to suffragette colours of purple, white and green.


ATG letter: Second go at ‘first’ books terminology

22 November 2021

I have just received ATG No 2516 wherein the old question of first edition and first impression is raised in the Letters section.


ATG letter: In-cider knowledge needed…

22 November 2021

I have had this large unsigned painting in my collection for over 20 years, which is indistinctly titled 'The Cider Gatherers'.


ATG letter: That portrait looks more like Lady Sybil’s mother-in-law

15 November 2021

I write in response to the appeal from Mark Berridge, archivist of Bude Castle (Letters, ATG No 2516), who asked for information about a portrait allegedly of Lady Sybil Edith Mary Nicholson (1880-1946), who lived in the castle from 1930.


ATG letter: Brexit means the correct tariff code and full commercial invoice is crucial when posting

15 November 2021

I have been a collector of early old Sheffield plate of the first period, for more than 50 years, and continue to buy at online UK auctions. I am resident in France.


ATG letter: Another striking lady to identify

15 November 2021

I would be grateful if any of your readers could possibly identify the sitter/artist of the attached image.


ATG letter: Search for a portrait of Lady Nicholson

01 November 2021

I wonder whether anyone can help in my quest. I am researching for a book on the history of The Castle here in Bude, Cornwall (built in 1830 by inventor, engineer and scientist Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, now a heritage centre).

A Harry Potter book

ATG letter: First impressions count when it comes to books confusion

01 November 2021

I wonder if it could be explained to me why, in the currently fashionable world of ‘modern first editions’, there is a trend to link the words ‘first edition’ and ‘impression’ in the same sentence.


ATG letter: Don’t forget the more general buyers at fairs

01 November 2021

I understand that the Battersea antiques fair had to be ticketed this time to recoup monies lost to previous cancellations.


ATG letter: Bonnet the bounder?

01 November 2021

I read your great publication well after it’s published, but if no one has come up with anything better here’s something about the prints asked about in your July 10 issue (Letters, ATG No 2500)

ATG letter: Unrealistic offers come from people of all ages, actuallly

01 November 2021

I was disappointed to read Christiane Pearl’s letter (‘Why I believe younger buyers need a reality check’, ATG No 2513).