Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Regal report

27 June 2022

I was amused to read that our Queen was left in charge of Whittons’ Jubilee auction during the lunch break (ATG 2548 letters page).

Packing Cases

ATG letter: Insurers must get on board with eco-friendly packaging

27 June 2022

You may take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. In January 2020 my wife and I lent two modest paintings to the exhibition, 'Ulysses: Art and Legend', mounted by the Musei San Domenico in Forlí.


ATG letter: Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping

20 June 2022

In many ways the advance of online auction platforms has been good all round, and most auction houses have stepped up to the mark with good liaison with regard to condition reports, efficient billing, and shipping purchases at realistic prices. I factor such in-house shipping costs into my bidding.

ATG LETTER: My 9% ivory could be another’s 11%

13 June 2022

As a dealer with a number of antique ivory works of art for sale, I am now having to involve myself in conforming to the new legislation.


ATG letter: Watching out for Buckinghamshire watchmaker

06 June 2022

Can anyone help, please, or point me in the direction of someone who can?


ATG letter: Time and place mysteries

06 June 2022

I am hoping that someone may be able to solve a chair ‘mystery’. It was most recently from the collection of Bernard Nevill at Philip Webb’s ‘West House’ (designed and built for artist George Price Boyce in 1868-69), also known as being the set for ‘Uncle Monty’s House’ in the 1987 film Withnail and I.

ATG letter: Portrait miniatures on ivory – we should follow the example of ARR at lower values

30 May 2022

Portrait miniature on ivory are among the exemptions provided in the new Ivory Act [coming into force on June 6 – see front page of this issue].

ATG letter: Salerooms as schoolrooms

23 May 2022

Woolley & Wallis should be heartily congratulated for launching their internship scheme which will give one lucky candidate the opportunity of gaining invaluable experience and training in a range of subjects at one of our leading auction houses (News, ATG No 2542).

ATG letter: Costs of getting to London drive me away

23 May 2022

Congratulations to both Portobello and Admiral Vernon for restarting after the pandemic.

ATG letter: Memories of Stateside shipping

23 May 2022

Peter Cannon-Brookes’ (Letters, ATG No 2541) memories of shipping exhibitions by sea bring to mind two dissimilar experiences which might amuse.

ATG letter: Collectors are mostly private people – beware of fair demands for personal details

16 May 2022

I read with interest your news highlighting the decisions being taken by several fair organisers to make changes to their admissions policy.

ATG letter: Please remember that dealers are trying to make a living

16 May 2022

As a dealer for 35 years I feel I must reply to the private collector who feels hard done by because some fairs have a trade day.

Statue 2

ATG letter: Nicosia Convention – my thoughts on how it could tackle cultural goods trafficking

09 May 2022

The Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property (also known as the ‘Nicosia’ Convention) entered into force on April 1.

ATG letter: Antique lace purchase put life into perspective

09 May 2022

Recently my son Phil Swift (Antique Laces – stall 1 Portobello Road) sold a piece of antique lace via the internet to a lady who lived in Kyiv (Ukraine).


ATG letter: Chelsea book fair – what a lovely venue

09 May 2022

I went to the Chelsea book fair [The ABA Chelsea Rare Book Fair] at Chelsea Town Hall on Saturday, April 30. What a delightful fair, set in a wonderful building, with a wonderful atmosphere and books on proper bookshelves.


ATG letter: Let a ship take the strain to cut the stress

02 May 2022

I have been greatly heartened by the news that Christie’s is to trial shipping by sea freight with a view to reducing the environmental impact of existing systems of packing and transport (front page, ATG No 2539).

ATG letter: Why are we paying high fees when services are curtailed?

02 May 2022

Being a collector and ‘auctionroomholic’, it grieves me at the way digital advancement plus the pandemic has given auctioneers a way to reduce the service they provide and yet continue with high commission fees.


ATG letter: Memories of Cindy Mainwaring

02 May 2022

I was saddened to read that Cindy Mainwaring has passed away (Obituary, ATG No 2539). She was a jolly and positive woman and I shall always have very fond memories of her.


ATG letter: Postage experience did not receive my stamp of approval

02 May 2022

I wholeheartedly agree with Gill Behari’s letter in ATG No 2539 (‘Why I believe high postage costs are unacceptable’).


ATG letter: Artist's Resale Right is big factor behind the UK's decline

02 May 2022

Your report that the UK’s share of the global art market has declined blames VAT and Brexit for this (ATG No 2537), but fails to mention the effect of Artist's Resale Right which is probably the real reason for the current decline.