Letters to the Editor


ATG letter: Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

12 September 2022

I thought this picture may interest your readers as we remember the life and work of Elizabeth II. Here she is presenting me with the Queen’s award for Enterprise for my PR Consultancy (Gong Muse) in July 2014.


ATG letter: Good reception at Ally Pally

12 September 2022

A pleasure to see the IACF Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair back in action on September 4. A fair well above standard – not quite at the Olympia or Battersea level – and geared for people in the mid-price range.

Michael Baggott

ATG letter: Cash and credit cards are becoming the antique ways of paying for art and antiques

22 August 2022

Recently I rang the accounts department of a well-established saleroom that I’ve dealt with for over 20 years. It just happened that I was going to have to collect in person so was checking I could come up and pay while the second day of the sale was still going on.

Start sizing up the anti money laundering rules now because it affects both little and large businesses

15 August 2022

As the UK brought into force the EU’s fifth Money Laundering Directive in early 2020, it was believed that the art market had plenty of time to register and comply.


ATG letter: Thrilled to see Lady Northcliffe at last – we are always looking for the lost de Lászlós

08 August 2022

I was thrilled to see the portrait of Lady Northcliffe by Philip de László (1869-1937) featured in your publication (Art Market, ATG No 2552).


ATG letter: Whinburn Hall was home to La Thangue work

08 August 2022

With reference to the rediscovery of the painting In a Ligurian Garden by British Impressionist Henry Herbert La Thangue (News, ATG No 2553), I thought your readers may interested to know where it would have hung when it was purchased by textile tycoon Prince Smith.


ATG letter: Masonic tumbler is a 'masterpiece'

08 August 2022

The firing glass featured in Auction Reports, ATG No 2553, that is inscribed 'IM 1779' was in all probability used by the Installed Master for that year.


ATG letter: My cricket bat now has a hint of royalty

18 July 2022

I was enjoying reading the article on the queen’s brooch, which sold recently (ATG No 2550), when I was surprised to come across the name of Ray Lindwall, the scourge of English cricket in the 1950s.


ATG letter: Would that beautiful chess set be classed as museum quality?

18 July 2022

Referring to the UK’s near-total ban on selling antique ivory objects, would the beautiful Vizagatapam, India, c.1830-50, ivory chess set in the collection of Mr Holger Langer (Collector Interview, ATG No 2550) be classed as museum quality?


ATG letter: Plea for help to add to Pinxton information

18 July 2022

I am currently writing a supplement to my book 'The patterns and shapes of the Pinxton china factory 1796-1813', published in 1996.

ATG letter: End of medals and coins sales at Bonhams also means end of Glendining’s

11 July 2022

You reported on the front page of the ATG (No 2550) that Bonhams has added another auction house to its expanding stable.


That picture was worth a thousand words

11 July 2022

Viewing the superb image, captured on video (ATG No 2550), one can almost hear Tom Holland shout, “Yesss!”, in abandoned ecstasy, on securing for £3500 his dinosaur – specifically, a Psittacosaurus skeleton – sold at Woolley & Wallis last month.


ATG lettter: Our customers value fast, free and efficient shipping

04 July 2022

We were concerned to read the letter ‘Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping’ (ATG No 2548).

ATG letter: Why, with experience, I prefer offline bidding

27 June 2022

The wholesale switchover by some auction houses to mainly online bidding and information is no doubt beneficial on a financial basis but, in my view, for the serious collector it is a serious backward step.


ATG letter: A budding toy collector?

27 June 2022

I thought that you would be interested to see this photo.

ATG letter: Regal report

27 June 2022

I was amused to read that our Queen was left in charge of Whittons’ Jubilee auction during the lunch break (ATG 2548 letters page).

Packing Cases

ATG letter: Insurers must get on board with eco-friendly packaging

27 June 2022

You may take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink. In January 2020 my wife and I lent two modest paintings to the exhibition, 'Ulysses: Art and Legend', mounted by the Musei San Domenico in Forlí.


ATG letter: Salerooms should get on board with in-house shipping

20 June 2022

In many ways the advance of online auction platforms has been good all round, and most auction houses have stepped up to the mark with good liaison with regard to condition reports, efficient billing, and shipping purchases at realistic prices. I factor such in-house shipping costs into my bidding.

ATG LETTER: My 9% ivory could be another’s 11%

13 June 2022

As a dealer with a number of antique ivory works of art for sale, I am now having to involve myself in conforming to the new legislation.


ATG letter: Watching out for Buckinghamshire watchmaker

06 June 2022

Can anyone help, please, or point me in the direction of someone who can?