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I would just like to point out that Charlie Ross is in no way associated with the trading name and acts independently as an auctioneer and valuer.

In 2020 Hansons Auctioneers acquired the trading name of Charles Ross which was formally a saleroom based in Woburn.

The initial continuation of the valuation days within the Woburn region resulted in my business taking on the name of Ross to reflect the old association and hence trading name Hanson Ross.

Charlie Ross, auctioneer, retired some time ago from the provincial scene but is now very much involved in the US with David Gooding and in London at Hampton Court.

Charlie Ross and I are great friends and I just wish to put the record straight to local auction firms within the vicinity of Hertfordshire that Charlie Ross is in no way connected with the business of Hanson Ross.

Charles Hanson

Managing director, Hansons