Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: You should use a cheque, mate

24 July 2017

MADAM – I am proud to admit that I am successfully even more old fashioned than James Dillon (Letters, ATG No 2301), who does not make online payments for purchases.


My stand on your soapboxes

24 July 2017

MADAM – I’m writing regarding two of your most recent Soapbox opinion columns.

Make the merger view known

24 July 2017

MADAM – Further to my letter earlier this year, despite several interesting subsequent observations on the subject that you very kindly published, nothing apparently seems to be happening.


ATG letter: Can you shed light on this candelabra?

22 July 2017

MADAM – I enclose a picture of a mid-18th century brass candelabra (see below).

ATG letter: Payments and postage are a mystery

17 July 2017

MADAM – Payments to auctioneers, be it for objects or postage and packing, seem to be mired in mystery and confusion.


ATG letter: My valuable ‘old friend’ vase also made a useful ashtray

10 July 2017

MADAM – All of us who have been involved in the trade for a number of years, perhaps even decades, will know the feeling of pleasure at unexpectedly seeing an image of an ‘old friend’ in the pages of the ATG.

ATG letter: Qualified response to the soapbox

10 July 2017

MADAM – Your most recent 'Soapbox' debated an interesting topic that’s currently generating letters, namely should auctioneers be qualified and presumably a member of a trade organisation or not (ATG No 2298).

ATG letter: Small fairs mean big value

10 July 2017

MADAM – May we add our voice to the letters in ATG Nos 2296 and 2297 on the subject of fair sizes?

ATG letter: Bespoke fairs? Already spoken for...

26 June 2017

MADAM – Your Soapbox discussion between Mary Claire Boyd of Olympia fairs and Marco Forgione, chief executive of BADA, concerning the merits of large or small fairs, provided valid arguments for both (ATG No 2296).

ATG letter: We are showing our metal thanks to revamped website

26 June 2017

MADAM – The Antique Metalware Society, whose members specialise in objects made from base metals, has launched a new website which it hopes will be a source of information on, and stimulate interest in, antique items made from brass, copper, bronze, paktong, zinc, iron, steel and various types of metal plating.

ATG letter: Here’s why we shell out for carved nautilus

19 June 2017

MADAM – I’m late with my response to Terence Pike’s letter in ATG No 2261 in October 2016, asking about shell engraver CH Wood. Better late than never, I hope.

ATG letter: All hail to the People’s letters page

19 June 2017

MADAM – I find your letters page the most interesting part of ATG.


ATG Letter: Help me trace George Eliot trail

12 June 2017

MADAM – I wondered whether it might be possible to appeal to ATG’s sharp-eyed readers to help trace the provenance of a portrait I have recently discovered?

ATG Letter: Boot put into BBC

12 June 2017

MADAM – I feel the BBC should be given a tactful kick up the bot as the summer schedule of sport means erratic scheduling of Flog It! and Antiques Roadshow.

ATG Letter: The Wright price for the new hypothesis of the universe

12 June 2017

MADAM – I read, as I always do, Ian McKay’s Books and Works on Paper reports in ATG No 2293.

ATG Letter: It's time to recognise scupltor John Skeaping as more than just ‘the first husband of Barbara Hepworth’

12 June 2017

MADAM - I would like to offer an alternative point of view to that of Jenny Fisher, head of modern and contemporary art at Dreweatts, which recently sold a sculpture by my father, John Skeaping.


ATG Letter: Diversity is key to Portobello Market

12 June 2017

MADAM – Laura Chester’s article ‘Rising to the Portobello challenge’ (ATG No 2295) accurately describes how the antiques section has been, and still is, the backbone of Portobello Market.

ATG letter: Touching letter, happy memories

05 June 2017

MADAM – Following your recent article about Bill Neal’s Chinese mother of pearl gaming counter made for Queen Charlotte, I was touched to read Elizabeth Cannon’s letter in response and tribute to my late husband, David Howard (Letters, ATG Nos 2291 and 2293).

ATG letter: Single trade body has more force

05 June 2017

MADAM – My compliments on an excellent round table debating the issues facing the trade (ATG No 2291), to which I would very much like to add my views.


ATG letter: 'Susanna' opinion was vindicated by price

05 June 2017

MADAM – I believe the 'Susanna and the Elders' sold at the Swiss Old Masters sale (ATG No 2292, p4) to be the very painting that I had in 1979 at my Euro Art Centre in Holland.