Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: On the other side of the EU fence

09 October 2017

MADAM – I feel that I must take issue with Robin Butler over his attempt to blame the EU for the lamentable fiasco that was this year’s Lille Braderie (‘Blame the EU for Braderie’, Letters, ATG No 2310).


ATG letter: Help us find the missing Bukovac

02 October 2017

MADAM – I am writing to inform your readers of my search for the paintings of the Croatian artist Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922). His two main patrons in this country were Samson Fox in Harrogate and Richard LeDoux in Liverpool.


ATG letter: ‘Primitive’ art no more

02 October 2017

MADAM – I very much enjoyed your features on tribal art (ATG Nos 2306, 2307) in which two fairs, Tribal Art London and Parcours des Mondes, were previewed.


ATG letter: ‘All areas of the trade have done well’ out of the Antiques Roadshow, says first presenter

25 September 2017

MADAM – It has been fascinating reading about the 40th anniversary of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, of which I was the first presenter in 1977.

ATG letter: Blame the EU for your reader's bad experience at this year's Lille Braderie

25 September 2017

MADAM – How I sympathise with your commentator, Roy Price, on the current state of the Lille Braderie (Letters, ATG No 2309).


ATG letter: Lille braderie: ‘ a shadow of its former self’

18 September 2017

MADAM – I feel compelled to write and let ATG’s readers know about my experience at the recent Grande Braderie de Lille (2-3 September).


ATG letter: Can you help me to trace Hennell works?

11 September 2017

MADAM – Could the expert readers of the Antiques Trade Gazette help me with some research please?


ATG Letter: Simple aiming instrument was stroke of genius for the Dambusters

04 September 2017

MADAM – With reference to Tom Derbyshire’s article ‘The button that bust the dam’ (militaria special, ATG No 2305), I would like to highlight the part that Wing Commander (later Air Commodore) CL Dann, head of aeronautics at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), played in inventing the simple aiming instrument that was to be adopted in the successful bombing of the Möhne dam in 1943.


ATG Letter: Help us to commemorate Artists’ Rifles bravery

04 September 2017

MADAM – I am writing to ATG following your militaria special (ATG No 2305) to tell you about The Trench Experience, a registered educational charity which uses the Artists’ Rifles regiment to illustrate what happened in the trenches during the First World War.

ATG Letter: The axing of credit for dealers by auction houses levels the playing field

04 September 2017

MADAM – Some would say ‘at long last’… Auctioneers throughout the country have started to take Boningtons’ lead and withdraw the two weeks – or, in some cases, 30 days – credit traditionally offered to many silver and furniture dealers in exchange for their regular attendance at sales.

ATG letter: Fake or Fortune? - I love the twists and turns

28 August 2017

MADAM – I read with dismay your correspondent’s letter criticising ATG’s coverage of the latest series of the BBC’s 'Fake or Fortune?' programme.


Bangle wrangle: it’s not a bracelet

28 August 2017

MADAM – On reading ATG’s London Summer Capital of Art (ATG No 2294) I was amazed that your writer didn’t seem to know the difference between a bracelet and a bangle.


ATG letter: Time to Poole resources

21 August 2017

MADAM – Regarding ATG’s coverage of the threat of closure to the Poole Pottery Studio (ATG No 2304 and antiquestradegazette.com), I feel it is imperative that some element of the production stays in Poole.


ATG Letter: Show does little for industry’s credibility

21 August 2017

MADAM – I’m glad ATG enjoys the BBC’s Fake or Fortune? programme so much to give it front page coverage plus a double-page spread in ATG No 2304.

ATG letter: Plea to save Poole Pottery studio

14 August 2017

MADAM – I don’t know if your readers are aware but the future of Poole Pottery Studio in Poole is in danger as the lease is up on the building in which it operates.

ATG letters: Dealer trade bodies are different

14 August 2017

MADAM – It would be my submission that had Jeremy Taylor conducted the same survey of attitudes to a merger between the BADA and LAPADA at Masterpiece rather than Olympia, the result in favour of merger would have been entirely different (ATG No 2302).

ATG letters: When and why auctioneers should give discounts on buyer's premium

14 August 2017

MADAM – I write regarding the ban on passing on the cost of credit card transaction fees in our credit (debt)-obsessed society (ATG No 2302).


ATG letter: Don’t forget our Martin Brothers show

07 August 2017

MADAM – I read with great interest Roland Arkell’s feature on collecting work by the Martin Brothers (ATG No 2226). Roland cites three exhibitions which he states are “landmarks” but leaves out perhaps the most important.


ATG letter: We did our Nelson duty

07 August 2017

MADAM – Our estimate (£2000-4000) for Drummond’s Death of Nelson did indeed prove to be conservative but not quite as dismissive as the ‘£100-150’ quoted in the ATG might suggest (Bid Barometer, ATG No 2302).

ATG letter: Terms and conditions are the bedrock of any auction

24 July 2017

MADAM – What a refreshing letter from James Dillon at The Visage Gallery, being enquiring, intelligent and delivered in a professional manner (ATG No 2301). Thought goes into writing a letter, unlike a knee-jerk social media comment.