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Not that I deal in brocantes, nor have I ever been to a braderie. But dear Mr Price, you have highlighted a crucial issue.

I voted to leave Europe and the situation described by Mr Price is exactly the reason why. I detest all the red tape, rules, regulations, security and the rest of it emanating from Brussels.

I have no use for the army of bureaucrats in Brussels and the rubbish they spew forth and visit on this country. We have more than enough ‘civil’ servants employed to zealously enforce the myriad of rules brought in by Brussels.

The trouble is that one cannot unscramble eggs. Is there a politician capable of putting Britain back on an even keel? I doubt it.

In the words of WS Gilbert (as in Gilbert and Sullivan) when talking of parliamentary members: “They’ve got to leave that brain outside and vote just as their leaders tell ‘em to”.

Robin Butler

Via email