Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: Further down the lane/laine in Brighton

19 February 2018

MADAM – While John Trory is correct to state that “there are no ‘lanes’ in North Laine”, he is wrong about “South Laine” (ATG No 2327).


ATG letter: Plea for more sterling work from the plate committee

12 February 2018

Given the Antique Plate Committee (APC) is undertaking a “crackdown” (ATG No 2328), there are a couple of current issues I would like to highlight.

ATG letter: Musings on ‘museum quality’: BAMF is ‘not living in the real world’

12 February 2018

MADAM – Re: the article ‘So what is museum quality?’ (Letters, ATG No 2328).


Client accounts and SOFAA – a correction

05 February 2018

It is mandatory for all members of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers (SOFAA) to have a separate client account or to use an alternative method of protecting client funds that has been approved by SOFAA’s committee, rather than ‘strongly advising’ all members to do so, as written in ATG No 2327. ATG apologises for this error.


ATG letter: Client accounts - transparency and integrity

05 February 2018

MADAM – I’ve been reading ATG’s coverage of Mossgreen’s issues with interest, not least regarding client accounts, or lack of (ATG No 2327).

ATG letter: You say lane, we say laine

29 January 2018

MADAM – You may call me a pedant but in Brighton there is no such place as the North Lanes.

ATG letter: Plea to BAMF and a licensing proposal on ivory

22 January 2018

MADAM – Here’s an insight into my week. Tuesday: I receive my copy of Antiques Trade Gazette. I read it fairly thoroughly, often starting with Bid Barometer. Then with trepidation I move onto Letters, this week almost entirely devoted to ivory.

ATG letter: Grant for research that includes printing on British ceramics

22 January 2018

MADAM – I thought your readers might like to know that grant funding is available for anyone doing research that includes printing on British ceramics.

ATG letter: Don’t forget the millions of ivory pieces not ‘of museum quality’

15 January 2018

MADAM – Re: the British Art Market Federation (BAMF) proposal for exempting ‘museum-quality ivory’ from any ban (ATG No 2324), where does that leave us?

ATG letter: Demands for Antiques Roadshow ivory crackdown fill me with despair

15 January 2018

MADAM – This week I listened in utter disbelief as actress and wildlife campaigner Virginia McKenna spoke on Radio 4’s Today programme calling for the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow to no longer show any items which contain ivory elements.

ATG letter: What kind of ivory?

15 January 2018

MADAM – It is not clear from all the correspondence and articles in ATG as to whether the ivory ban will be limited to elephant and marine ivory and, if so, leaving one free to trade in items made from mammoth, warthog and hippo ivory.

ATG letter: Magician and Meissen man

08 January 2018

MADAM – May I bring this sad news to your readers’ attention please?

ATG letter: Will fake ivory be detected?

08 January 2018

MADAM – My husband and I are private collectors of antiques and we made a submission to Defra’s ivory consultation.

ATG letter: Image rights and wrongs

08 January 2018

MADAM – In the first issue of the New Year (ATG No 2323) you report on page 7 that your readers “are vexed by fakes more than Brexit”.


ATG letter: Saucers serve up further clues to first American porcelain

08 January 2018

MADAM – I have just seen Roland Arkell’s article on the discovery of a John Bartlam teapot (ATG No 2323). You may be interested to know that I used to own two of the previously recorded pieces of Bartlam porcelain which were originally believed to be Isleworth.


ATG letter: Has anyone clocked who W Banks was?

02 January 2018

Can any of your readers help with research into the obscure 17th century clockmaker William Banks?

ATG letter: Antique ivory ban would drive the trade into the hands of criminals

02 January 2018

Copy of a letter to the proposed ivory ban consultation (which is now closed):


ATG Letter: Why mooted ivory ban is political not environmental

18 December 2017

MADAM – The entirety of the antiques trade, past, present and especially future, should express considerable gratitude to Paul Moss, Philip Mould, Martin Levy and the rest who strove to counter the ignorance of, not only the general public, but of our law-makers in speaking to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the issue of the proposed blanket ban on the sale of elephant ivory within the UK (ATG No 2319).


ATG Letter: Recent memories of much alive Lord Carrington

18 December 2017

MADAM – In your report last week (ATG No 2321) about the forthcoming (December 21) debate in the House of Lords concerning the proposed ivory ban, you refer to “the late Lord Carrington, former chairman of Christie’s”.

Dear ATG: letter highlights of 2017

18 December 2017

Our selection of reader letters summing up the issues that roused your passions in 2017...