Letters to the Editor

ATG letter: New ivory sold ‘as antique’ is big problem

04 December 2017

MADAM – In the ivory debate, the argument concerning cultural vandalism has been made effectively. The financial loss to collectors and dealers has been well aired.

Fair theft is insult to Great War hero’s memory

04 December 2017

MADAM – Theft at an antiques fair is bad enough, but when it involves the memory of a First World War hero and a slice of our patriotic and social history, it is abhorrent.

ATG letter: I’ve had enough of extra charges

04 December 2017

MADAM – Re: your piece on card fee changes (News, ATG No 2316) and in particular to Greg Bateman’s (Batemans Auctioneers) and Simon Chislett’s (Mallams) comments about passing on the charges to buyers.


ATG letter: Award-winning panel debate

27 November 2017

MADAM – I cannot believe that I am the only one amused, confused and puzzled by your report (ATG No 2317) of the magnificent lacquer panel by the Japanese master Shibata Zeshin being chosen as the “outstanding work offered by an auction house” and gaining for Bonhams the Asian Art in London award at this autumn’s festival.

ATG letter: Don’t be complacent on ivory trade ban risk

27 November 2017

MADAM – I wrote to my MP in February regarding the ivory issue and his reply stated that the consultation was going to be on ‘modern’ ivory!

Ivory debate ‘lacks common sense’

20 November 2017

MADAM – I’m amazed at the lack of common sense that pervades the ivory debate. The only thing that will save live elephants is to stop the poaching.

The merits of chargeback

20 November 2017

MADAM – I was interested to read about good practice in regards to credit and debit card chargebacks (ATG No 2316).


Was ATG diligent with ad ‘in the style’ of Wallis?

20 November 2017

In ATG No 2316, on page 7, you report on a failure of due diligence over Alfred Wallis fakes (one pictured below).


Ivory - Final thoughts at one to midnight

20 November 2017

MADAM – Four years ago I was told by other dealers and auctioneers there was nothing to worry about in regards to a ban on antique ivory.

ATG letters: Ivory trade - the pressure is on

06 November 2017

MADAM – One would not expect a leading broadsheet to indulge in fake news, yet this regrettably occurred at the conclusion of a report in 'The Times' on ivory poaching by Aislinn Laing, who writes from Nairobi: “This month the UK announced the closure of its legal market in antique ivory” (October 25).

ATG letters: Ivory – the facts on UK exports and six steps to avoid a ban

30 October 2017

MADAM – Recently there have been several national press reports claiming that the UK is the world’s largest exporter of ivory. I felt your readers should know that this is not accurate.


ATG Letter: Wilfred leaves his stamp on it

23 October 2017

MADAM – I have for some years owned an oil by Dorothea Sharp which bears the stamp above on the reverse twice: on the canvas and on the stretcher. It says: Collection of Wilfred Tomlinson.


ATG Letter: The CITES mammoth tusk task

23 October 2017

MADAM – Re: the proposed ban on the UK ivory trade, will mammoth ivory be exempt or have the same rules applied to it?

ATG letter: We pay a heavy price for China’s failure on ivory

16 October 2017

MADAM – Regarding the ivory consultation (ATG No 2312), I despair that sound pragmatic arguments have been overwhelmed by unproven and exaggerated links to the poaching problem.


ATG letter: Mystery of the missing Canova Magdalene

16 October 2017

MADAM – Some years ago, when I had a gallery in the King’s Road, a sculpture came up at auction which I missed, but shortly afterwards discovered to have been important.

ATG letter: Antiques Roadshow format – go back to basics

09 October 2017

MADAM – It was interesting to read Bruce Parker’s Antiques Roadshow memories (‘All areas of the trade have done well’ out of Roadshow, says first presenter’, Letters, ATG No 2310).

ATG letter: On the other side of the EU fence

09 October 2017

MADAM – I feel that I must take issue with Robin Butler over his attempt to blame the EU for the lamentable fiasco that was this year’s Lille Braderie (‘Blame the EU for Braderie’, Letters, ATG No 2310).


ATG letter: Help us find the missing Bukovac

02 October 2017

MADAM – I am writing to inform your readers of my search for the paintings of the Croatian artist Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922). His two main patrons in this country were Samson Fox in Harrogate and Richard LeDoux in Liverpool.


ATG letter: ‘Primitive’ art no more

02 October 2017

MADAM – I very much enjoyed your features on tribal art (ATG Nos 2306, 2307) in which two fairs, Tribal Art London and Parcours des Mondes, were previewed.


ATG letter: ‘All areas of the trade have done well’ out of the Antiques Roadshow, says first presenter

25 September 2017

MADAM – It has been fascinating reading about the 40th anniversary of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, of which I was the first presenter in 1977.