TV shows

TV programmes about the art and antiques trade have greatly expanded in number since the 1990s. From Bargain Hunt and Flog It! to Fake or Fortune? and the long-running BBC series Antiques Roadshow, love them or loath them, their popularity is enduring.

And don’t forget the nation’s favourite dealer: Lovejoy.

Antiques Roadshow at Chilworth Manor

09 May 2003

ON Sunday, 18th May 2003, antiques enthusiasts can have their objects of virtue, jewellery and paintings appraised at Chilworth Manor, Chilworth, from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Bar-gain Hunt as fairs say no

17 February 2003

FOLLOWING last week’s Dealers’ Diary report that Bargain Hunt was banned from the Great Northern Antiques and Collectors’ Fair, another organiser says the TV show is not welcome at his event.

Downright downmarket

07 November 2002

David Dickinson Cheap as Chips: the Duke’s Priceless Guide to the World of Antiques video, available from November 18. £14.99; DVD version £17.99. Running time 51 mins. Momentum Pictures.

Hard bargaining in front of the TV cameras

02 April 2001

UK: THE arrival of the BBC at the Somerset auctioneers to film Bargain Hunt attracted a larger than usual crowd to this 670-lot dispersal but it appears bargain hunters had a hard time of it.

Hugh Scully strikes £3m deal with

25 October 1999

UK: HUGH Scully, Antiques Roadshow presenter since 1981, has signed a five-year deal with internet auction house, worth £3m.