Asia Week New York


Know one’s snuff: Chinese snuff bottles are among the highlights of Asia Week New York

28 February 2022

A collection of Chinese snuff bottles offered in two sessions stands out among an intriguing selection of Asia Week New York auctions and dealer shows.


Big deals in the Big Apple with Asia Week New York

28 February 2022

Some 26 galleries will be participating in the dealers’ section of Asia Week New York either in person at a variety of city galleries or online.


Asia Week New York: The gavel go-ahead

08 March 2021

Auction houses are getting back to normal for this latest staging of the New York Asian art spotlight, although new import taxes are having an effect.


Dealers take part in events from across the Atlantic

08 March 2021

While plenty of Asian auctions are taking place for Asia Week New York (March 11-20), this annual US spring event will be rather different for galleries.


New York dealers remain open for business for 'Asia Week' despite coronavirus alert

02 March 2020

The spread of coronavirus may have halted the auctions at this year’s 'Asia Week New York', but dealers are going ahead with the event as planned, bringing together more than 35 exhibitors and nearly 20 talks.

Gilt bronze figure of Padmapani Lokeshvara

Attention turns to Asian art in New York as specialist week of exhibitions and auctions kicks off

14 March 2019

The art market focus in the Big Apple at the moment is on Asian works as Manhattan’s galleries and major auction houses stage the latest edition of ‘Asia Week New York’.


Asia Week in New York: full of Eastern promise

01 March 2013

For the art and antiques world, New York in the spring increasingly means turning attention to the East.


Highlight of the Big Apple’s Asia week at $7.2m

18 April 2007

Of the 2000 or so lots auctioned during New York’s Asia week, this late Shang dynasty Chinese bronze was the crowning glory at $7.2m (£3.87m).


Celebrations all round thanks to Asia

28 April 2005

NEW York’s Asian celebrations in late March and the first week of April always galvanise the international trade, attracting to the city collectors, curators and dealers from all over the world.

Asian art enjoys its New York trip

13 April 2005

NEW York’s Asia Week wrapped up towards the end of last week and fair exhibitors and dealers hosting Manhattan selling shows are collating just how successful the enterprise proved.


Grindley adds scholarly touch to New York’s Asian love affair

24 March 2005

WHILE Maastricht was, in the main, a showcase of Western art, the mood for all things Asian goes from strength to strength in New York and British experts are making the most of it.

Hit US show for Mayfair

05 May 2004

ONE of the most acclaimed exhibitions of the late March Asian Art Week in New York was London dealers’ Rossi & Rossi’s show Styles from the Steppes: Silk Costumes and Textiles from the Liao and Yuan Periods.

Head and shoulders above the rest at $650,000

22 April 2004

THE international Asian art community descended upon New York in March to secure the most enticing exhibits in Manhattan’s two major Asian art fairs and numerous dealers’ shows. They were also there to contest the best quality Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Southeast Asian fare in Sotheby’s and Christie’s five specialist auctions that took place between March 23 and 25.

Early signs for New York’s Asia Week are looking good

07 April 2003

NEW YORK: EARLY sales at the exhibitions participating in New York’s Asia Week indicate that in this field at least business is very brisk indeed.

Asian Art a boon in NY

02 April 2002

AS New York’s Asia Week came to a close last week, early reports suggest the market for Oriental work is internationally still very strong and that in this field at least business is back to normal in the American capital.

Ritual wine vessel is blessed at $8.4m

26 March 2001

US: HIGHLIGHT of Asia week in New York was this 2ft 1in (63cm) high bronze ritual wine vessel of the late Shang/early Western Zhou period offered at Christie’s on March 20, where it became the most expensive oriental work of art ever sold at auction.