North Yorkshire


Davenport comes with a tuneful twist

12 June 2023

A musical ‘captain’s desk’ davenport sold for £9500 at Tennants’ (22% buyer’s premium) Scientific and Musical Instruments sale in Leyburn on May 17.


Lowry depicts street life in pastels

05 June 2023

The 1947 Street Scene with Figures by LS Lowry (1887-1976) is the earliest work so far to appear on the market from a group of vibrant figurative pastels.


Vesta micromosaic panel lights up a sale

22 May 2023

Popular since they were first bought by Grand Tourists visiting Italy, this early 19th century micromosaic panel was a particularly fine example.


Certainly worth a handshake at £23,000

22 May 2023

The artist Júlio Pomar (1926- 2018) is considered one of the most important modern Portuguese painters.


Coronation fever at Arthur Swallow Fairs

15 May 2023

A coronation theme was taken up by some of the dealers at Arthur Swallow Fairs’ three-day decorative home and salvage show at Ripley Castle, near Harrogate.


Rice wine pots come to Europe

24 April 2023

While probably not made specifically for export, Chinese silver rice wine pots had arrived in Europe as early as the late 17th century.


Latest Lowry drawing shows rise in demand over three decades

17 April 2023

Simple Salford street scene dating from year after he left art school is now at £70,000 hammer price level


Seeing double eagle heads while drinking

17 April 2023

Enamelled imperial eagle tankards or 'reichsadlerhumpen' – large three or four-litre glass drinking vessels enamelled with the 56 coats of arms and the quaternion eagle of the Holy Roman Empire – were popular from the 16th to the late 18th century.


Another winner from Denton Hall consignment

17 April 2023

A high price for a Victorian work sold outside London came at Tennants’ (22% buyer’s premium) latest British, European and Sporting Pictures sale.


Elephant with a lighter touch

10 April 2023

Tennants’ Fine Jewellery, Watches and Silver sale, held concurrently with the Country House auction on March 18 included a very tactile and much-coveted Fabergé silver table lighter in the form of a walking Indian elephant.


Heavyweight bids for feather picture

10 April 2023

Feather ‘mosaic’ pictures made in Mexico for Christian conquerors are among the most remarkable objects from 16th century Mesoamerica.

George III silver wine jug

The jug that jogs the memory: pair to wine jug found and then sold at same Yorkshire auction house

27 March 2023

The George III silver wine jug sold by Tennants in Leyburn in March is the exact pair to another the auction house offered on behalf of a different vendor two years ago.


Mouseman Elephants clock price pushed up

13 March 2023

Carving once available in low four figures now sells for five in North Yorkshire saleroom


Cigars at the officer’s table

06 March 2023

Military history and regimental glamour combine in a Victorian silver cigar case offered at Ripon auction house Elstob & Elstob (25% buyer’s premium).


Music and mechanics in harmony at a Yorkshire auction

20 February 2023

Musical automata were the top hits at Tennants’ (22% buyer’s premium) auction of scientific and musical instruments and cameras.


Warfare and witchcraft interest from a single owner collection

20 February 2023

English history and law were the mainstays of an excellent collection sold in North Yorkshire


Scandinavian calendar stick provides seasons to be cheerful

06 February 2023

Among the best performing lots at the Country House sale at Tennants (22% buyer’s premium) in Leyburn was a fruitwood calendar stick or primstav.


Bizet and Caxton in the mix

02 January 2023

Highlights including signed opera score from a varied auction held in North Yorkshire

Derby winning miniatures

Four Derby winners reunited after museum’s auction success

19 December 2022

A set of four miniature oil paintings depicting Derby-winning racehorses belonging to John Bowes (1811-85), co-founder of The Bowes Museum, has been reunited after being bought at auction.


1966 and all that: when England made history

19 December 2022

A hat-trick of six-figure prices was achieved for England 1966 World Cup hero Alan Ball’s (1945-2007) winner’s medal, cup final shirt and World Cup cap.