East Sussex

Worthing rooms under new management

25 March 2008

After five years of trading in Worthing, Gorringes have closed their saleroom on 44-46 High Street. In its place, one of their senior valuers will be opening up in his own name.

All change at Rye with JJ and Patricia

12 December 2006

THERE’S a fairs reshuffle in the medieval town of Rye in East Sussex.


£60,000 for Boarsney’s Tudor table

25 September 2006

On September 18 the Dreweatt Neate team decamped to Boarsney House, a 16th century property near Robertsbridge in East Sussex to sell the property of Judith Hamilton, a collector of oak and country furniture and effects for 45 years.


Double Dux – the gaze and the glaze

24 April 2006

MUSSOLINI’s son-in-law and foreign minister, Count Galeazzo Ciano, would have done well to heed the imagery of this black glazed terracotta head when another version of it came into his possession.

South Downs open new office and showroom

05 December 2005

On December 1 South Downs Auctioneers opened a new office and showroom at Gosdens Heath Barn, two and a half miles east of Midhurst, towards Petworth on the A272.


You may have to lie down for this one…

15 March 2005

GORRINGES were celebrating a house record last Thursday following the sale of a rediscovered late work by John William Godward (1858-1922) for £440,000.


On the forbidden warpath…

01 March 2005

A WORK of art in itself, a piece of US history and redolent of the tragic past of the American Indian tribes in which so many collectors are now passionately interested. Could any artefact be more likely to guarantee a huge price than this Blackfoot war bonnet, right, dating from the early/mid 19th century but still in fine condition?


To my dear sweetheart, the best and latest killing machine…

18 January 2005

Wallis & Wallis, Lewes. November 23. Buyer’s premium: 15 per centSales of arms and militaria can, with their beautifully chased old flintlocks and exuberantly decorated uniforms, somehow skate over the fact that often what is on offer is, or was, associated with the darker side of humanity.

Collectors keep Dinkys rolling as Britains’ toy soldiers go marching on

04 January 2005

The continuing strength of the privately-fuelled market for unusual or quality toys in good condition saw Wallis & Wallis of Lewes boast healthy selling rates by volume in their specialist November and October toy sales.


Rare wine labels stolen in break-in

04 January 2005

A 90-year-old member of the Wine Label Circle has lost 70 items from his collection during a break-in at his East Sussex home. The wine labels were the only items taken in the theft.


Leaving the best furniture until last

22 December 2004

The two best-selling pieces of furniture offered outside London in 2004 were sold during one of the very first and one of the last sales of the year.


Foreign bids wins top gun

29 September 2004

BILLED as the top gun on the catalogue cover of the September 1 sales at Lewes arms and armour specialists Wallis & Wallis (15% buyer's premium), this c.1649 German or Dutch 34-bore wheel lock pistol lived up to its reputation.


Antarctic scene on a roll at £4100

22 September 2004

THE solid cast metal figures produced by Georg Heyde in Dresden from 1872 until the Second World War can lack the detail and proportion of the best lead miniatures, but they are celebrated for the imaginative and animated uses to which Heyde put them.


Nelson takes his leave on shore

18 August 2004

OCTOBER 21, 2005 will see the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar and many celebrations marking the most decisive naval victory in modern history are planned. However, it will not be until January 9, 2006 that we mark 200 years since the funeral of its most famous protagonist.


Toys reflect attitudes over 20th century – and sell well in 21st

07 July 2004

TOYS from before the First World War up to the 1970s met with an enthusiastic reception at Wallis & Wallis' (15% buyer's premium) specialist sale on June 14, few more so than a c.1912 Lehmann tinplate toy which raised something of an ethical question.


18th century war games

06 July 2004

AN auctioneer contemplating an old boxed set of wooden soldiers complete with faded instructions for war games could be forgiven for steering it towards the toy section, or even a specialist toy sale.


For Bassett-Lowke collectors, the Royal Scot steams ahead

22 June 2004

PICTURED here are four very finely-preserved 1950s Bassett-Lowke 0 Gauge clockwork locomotives that were offered by toys and arms and armour specialists Wallis & Wallis (15% buyer’s premium) of Lewes on May 4.

Fine prices come in two little boxes

26 May 2004

AT Gorringes’ (15% buyer's premium) April 27-29 sale, specialist Aaron Dean was satisfied with the reaction to some 200 lots of silver but, with the market for routine tea services and so on remaining fairly moribund, it is the smaller collectables which catch the eye.

Formby ukelele turns out nice for collector at £1750

11 May 2004

IN the centennial year of his birth in 1904, a provenance to George Formby came with the sale of a ukelele which sold for £1750 (estimate £100-150) at Gorringes Lewes sale on April 27. The C.F. Martin & Co. 3K lte ukelele was bought by Bernard Dyke, a past president of the George Formby Society. The uke came to sale via the vendor’s father, an Arthur Rank chairman in the late 30s/early 40s to whom George presented it at a film preview at a Rank cinema in Essex.


Record books struggle to keep pace with Troika price rises

10 April 2004

NOT all the market resides in a state of stagnation.