Isle of Wight


Why the Isle of Wight is perfect for a buying trip

06 March 2023

Spotlight on some of the antiques and art trade attractions available to increasingly high-spending visitors


Qwerty spelt the end for the Niagara

11 April 2022

The Blickensderfer Typewriter Co of Stanford, Connecticut, introduced the Niagara ‘index’ typewriter in 1902.

Copyright The Knockaloe Charitable Trust 111-34

Keeping the memories alive on the Isle of Man

23 November 2020

A local community charity on the Isle of Man, the Knockaloe Trust, keeps alive the memory of the German internees housed there in the First World War and aids research.


Wight place, right time for censer

23 December 2019

The relatively short reign of the Ming emperor Xuande (1425-35) was considered a high point in the production of bronze works of art.


Epstein actress steps on Isle of Wight stage

03 September 2018

A little-known Jacob Epstein (1880-1959) sculpture of the British actress Sandra Dorne took an estimate-topping £11,000 at HRD Auction Rooms (20% buyer’s premium) on the Isle of Wight.


Isle of Wight auction houses join forces in a shipshape format

28 August 2017

Pieces with a maritime slant proved popular at the sale at Cowes held by HRD Auction Rooms (15% buyer’s premium) on August 3 during the yacht-fest that is Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight.


Herring’s rural idyll emerges on Isle of Wight

10 October 2012

A near-derelict Victorian house on the Isle of Wight unearthed a number of interesting finds for Island Auction Rooms including silver, jewellery, pictures and other collectables which will be offered on October 16.


A Rapa earns respect selling at £220,000

29 April 2010

FOR the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island, wooden dance paddles known simply as Rapa were essential to many ceremonies and dances.


Isle of Wight saleroom clocks up a £240,000 record

11 August 2008

Isle of Wight firm Island Auction Rooms established a new record for a clock sold by a UK provincial auctioneer when this remarkable longcase took £240,000 on August 7.


Golden Age clock set to be record breaker

07 July 2008

Is this the finest clock to be sold in England this year? The Isle of Wight auctioneers who will offer it for sale next month believe it is. It will be offered for sale by Island Auction Rooms (formerly Shanklin Auction Rooms) at their annual antiques sale timed to coincide with the influx of boating enthusiasts for Cowes Week on August 7.

Record for Worcester teapot?

19 June 2002

Shanklin Auction Rooms have taken what they believe to be a record price for a Worcester teapot. The Isle of Wight auctioneers expected a bid of around £1000 for the rare c.1760, 5in (13cm), first period Worcester pot (pictured) and were amazed to see it knocked down to a London dealer for £11,000 (plus 10 per cent buyer’s premium).

Hope and a hunch

28 September 2001

When this walnut chair arrived at Shanklin Auction Rooms (10 per cent premium) on the Isle of Wight it was catalogued as Victorian and expected to fetch £400-600. However, specialist dealers who viewed it before the September 4 sale noted its clean, classical lines its ebony strung motifs and, most significantly, the wrap-around back.

Patriotic reliefs identify Royal dressing table

12 June 2000

Memories of high royal days on the Cowes riviera were recalled on the Isle of Wight when a relatively plain Victorian mahogany dressing table surfaced at Shanklin Auction Rooms on June 6.