The quality Aynsley appeal

03 January 2022

The Aynsley factory’s reputation for good quality, unadventurous bone china tea and coffee wares made it the safe choice for many British households.


Bailey design brings big price for Aynsley service

19 April 2021

The best known of the decorators who worked at Aynsley in the 20th century is the flower painter Joseph A Bailey.


Canadian views of the Aynsley factory

08 January 2007

Aynsley China has a history stretching back to 1775 when John Aynsley first started producing ceramics in Longton, Staffordshire. Its enduring reputation is for its bone china tablewares decorated with floral sprays or fruit in the manner of Royal Worcester, or for its commemorative pieces. They remain very affordable and even Aynsley’s well-painted cabinet plates featuring British landmarks usually cost less than £100.