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Ben Clark and Alessandro Fiorotto

Art adviser Gurr Johns launches financing business

19 May 2022

Art consultancy and valuation firm Gurr Johns has launched a new money-lending business.

Art lending

Blow to art lending market in UK as government scraps proposed new lending law

16 May 2018

Art lending in the UK suffered a blow this week when the government announced it was abandoning a proposed bill to reform lending laws.

Art lending trend continues as auctioneers sign to finance firm

19 March 2018

Unbolted continues its move into the art and antiques sector with Holts the latest firm to offer its lending services to customers.

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Falcon Fine Art enters into Belgium lending market

17 February 2017

Financier Falcon Fine Art has completed its first art lending deal in Belgium. The firm helped a collector in Belgium borrow against the value of a collection of 19th century “museum-quality” paintings and sculpture.

Fine Art Group to launch lending arm

10 October 2016

Philip Hoffman’s Fine Art Group are to launch a new finance company targeting artworks valued between $250,000 and $20m.

Shakespeare First Folio Hamlet

Forum to offer interest-free credit on auction purchases

09 September 2016

Forum Auctions are to introduce a credit facility for buyers at future sales. In an exclusive arrangement with lending platform Unbolted, the new London firm will offer approved bidders the opportunity to pay for purchases with up to 90 days of interest-free finance.

How would Scottish Referendum affect art ownership?

29 August 2014

If Scotland votes for independence on September 18, how might this affect the ownership of art North and South of the Border?

£67m to help borro lend more

20 March 2014

Pawnbrokers borro have secured another £67m lending facility to help expand their activities in the field of asset-backed lending.

Borro launch concierge service to boost loans scheme

09 September 2013

Borro have introduced a concierge service to help make their asset-backed loans programme much easier and quicker to use for clients across the UK.

Asset-backed lender receives £36m cash injection

19 November 2012

Borro have announced a total £36m injection of investment for the new asset-backed loan scheme based on art, antiques and luxury goods that they unveiled in September.

Instant secured loans issued on luxury assets

24 September 2012

Borro, the world’s first online asset lender, are to advance loans against high-value items being consigned for sale by auction or private treaty. The company have devised a scheme whereby they will loan up to 70% of the estimated sale price of assets valued between £50,000 and £1m, such as fine art, jewellery and wine, recouping their costs and fees once the sale has been completed.

Interest-free loans to tempt millions of would-be art collectors

15 December 2004

Arts Council England have launched Own Art, a new national interest-free loan scheme to encourage people to buy art.

Legal seminars for London

07 October 2004

WITHERS and Devonshires Solicitors, law firms who specialise in art market issues, are sponsoring two seminars: one on art loans and the risks involved, the other on art and the police.

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