Blue john urns at £120,000

24 July 2012

This stunning pair of 19th century blue john pedestal urns was the outstanding star at Tennants’ £1.8m summer sale at Leyburn.


Salvaged urns at Summers Place

16 May 2012

This impressive run of lidded urns once adorned the grounds of Witley Court, the palatial mansion in Worcestershire built by Thomas Foley in 1655.

Christie’s to appeal over Houghton urns

10 August 2004

CHRISTIE’S have won leave to appeal against the High Court judgment that found them liable to pay damages to Taylor Lynne Thomson in the dispute over the £1.75m Houghton urns.

Judge set to rule on auction sale terms by May: Gilded urns case could alter every catalogue’s conditions

15 April 2004

A HIGH Court judge has retired to consider his ruling in a case that could revolutionise the terms under which auctioneers do business.

Grosvenor, and the dealer who came in with the Coade

14 June 2002

TOP people’s favourite antiques event The Grosvenor House Art and Antiques Fair has been running since 1934, the age of Deco, and as an established part of the London Season is not the place that comes to mind when thinking of something for the decorators.