Snuff box


Pick of the week: The Stobwasser box that was up to snuff

21 September 2020

Economic stimulus packages are not a new phenomenon. Georg Siegmund Stobwasser (1717-76) was among the many craftsmen attracted to the Brunswick by the special privileges granted them in the city by Duke Karl I (1713-80) in the wake of the Seven Years’ War.

German imperial presentation box from Wilhelm II

German imperial snuff box and Banksy screenprint are among five auction highlights that caught bidders’ eyes

22 May 2020

ATG’s selection of hammer highlights this week includes a German rococo revival snuff box which was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II to a loyal courtier that made five-times estimate.


ATG letter: I am seeking royal approval but need to find this item

20 April 2020

MADAM – I am writing a book on the origins and makers of coquilla nut snuff boxes, a time-consuming and difficult task ideally suited to these trying times.

Shoe snuff box.jpg

Appeal for help to trace stolen snuff shoe from antiques fair

04 July 2019

A snuff shoe belonging to dealer J Collins & Son was stolen at the IACF Ardingly fair in West Sussex from a stand in the Norfolk Pavilion.


Snuff box with William of Orange inscription had shipwreck provenance

21 August 2017

A 19th century oak snuff box offered at Lawrences (22% buyer’s premium) of Crewkerne on July 11 was inset with copper and inscribed Made from the wreck of the Betsy Cains which brought King William to England 1688 and A.Reed Esq. Mayor 1827.


Nathaniel Mills snuff box in Oxfordshire

30 November 2012

This Nathaniel Mills presentation snuff box was given to Isambard K. Brunel and will be included in Jones & Jacob’s sale on December 5 in Watlington, Oxfordshire.


Snuff bottles spill onto market

06 May 2005

Christie's New York (10/12% Buyer's premium)SNUFF bottles vary enormously in quality and price but the J&J collection has to rank as one of the world’s foremost specialist holdings. Although these exquisitely made and highly decorative vessels have a following of strong international collectors, inevitably there are limited buyers for top-end imperial quality works.


£6200 Euro-UK battle for snuffbox

11 January 2005

The main head-turner at the Hove sale held by Scarborough Perry Fine Arts (15% buyer’s premium) on December 2-3 was this striking 19th century Italian, gold-mounted tortoiseshell snuffbox with a finely executed micromosaic lid, right.


£5200 box traces the roots of royal legend

18 August 2004

THE story of the Boscobel Oak that gave numerous pubs a name also, after 1660, became an object of Royalist pilgrimage. By 1680 a protective wall was built round the trunk but, such was the souvenir hunting, by the early 18th century the tree had almost been destroyed. The oak at Boscobel today is almost certainly a descendant and not the one where Charles Stuart spent a sleepless night as he fled Cromwell’s heavies.

Fine prices come in two little boxes

26 May 2004

AT Gorringes’ (15% buyer's premium) April 27-29 sale, specialist Aaron Dean was satisfied with the reaction to some 200 lots of silver but, with the market for routine tea services and so on remaining fairly moribund, it is the smaller collectables which catch the eye.

The third box that hid a £30,000 secret...

28 November 2001

On paper there was not much to separate these three French boxes at Dreweatt Neate’s sale on October 31-November 1. The engine turned gold snuffbox pictured above right was 19th century in date and expected to sell for £500-800.