Export figures


Figures support optimism on antiques exports

11 May 2020

The art and antiques sector could benefit from a boost by the UK government after the coronavirus pandemic when the focus shifts to growing international trade.


Exports: rising costs and licensing hitch highlight short-term challenges

11 May 2020

International exports are predicted to return to growth following the easing of the lockdown in the UK. However, current art and antiques exports have slowed to a trickle.


Lost to the nation: Newbattle Abbey casket and John Singer Sargent painting are among latest treasures cleared for export

26 July 2019

The Newbattle Abbey Kunstkammer is the latest work of art to be granted an export licence this year, despite the arts minister’s attempts to retain them for the nation.

UK exports

UK art exports to China soar despite overall slide in international customs figures

11 April 2018

Art and antiques exports from the UK continued to fall in 2017, recording a decline of 2.2% to £4.84bn, according to UK trade figures from HMRC. At the same time, there were areas of significant growth, including exports to China which rose by 350% to £115.9m in 2017.


Art exports from the UK boost trade figures

11 January 2018

Exports of paintings and sculpture from the UK helped the country to reduce its trade deficit at the end of last year.

Lowell Libson appointed to export review committee

06 June 2011

ED Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, has appointed London art dealer Lowell Libson as a member of the Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural Interest.

UK art trade with overseas countries shrinks by a quarter

08 March 2010

IMPORTS and exports of art and antiques for the UK shrank by around a quarter in 2009. In what proved to be one of the most difficult trading years since the early 1990s, exports across the globe fell by 24.3% to just over £2bn, while imports dropped by 26.2% to £1.86bn.

Imports and exports figures show last effects of art boom

22 December 2008

THE latest Goverment Import/Export figures indicated the final effects of the art market boom before the downturn seen in October.

Weak dollar hits exports – but not for fine art

05 September 2008

TOTAL exports outside the European Union of art and antiques from the UK remained static in 2007, while total imports rose by seven per cent. However, the details show a more dramatic picture in some sectors, indicating, perhaps above all, the effect of the weak dollar against the pound.

Fine art on the move from the US to the UK: exports down nearly 20%, imports up nearly 15%

05 March 2007

THE value of art and antiques imported to the UK from outside the European Union soared by nearly a half in 2006.

Swiss role for shippers

17 June 2006

Cadogan Tate Fine Art have launched a new weekly transport service from London and Paris to Switzerland to meet the growing demand for discreet fine art transport.

Antique exports to Hong Kong treble in 2005 as trade outside EU expands

08 May 2006

THE value of UK exports of antiques to Hong Kong almost trebled in 2005 according to the latest Customs figures.

Cross-border trade steps up a gear in 2004

06 July 2005

Non-EU imports and exports rise, with surges for Switzerland and others SLIGHT rises in UK art and antiques import and export totals for 2004 hide far more dramatic swings when assessed on a nation-by-nation basis.

Fine art imports to UK cut by a quarter for 2003: Value of pictures coming from Switzerland drops 63 per cent

18 August 2004

THE latest figures published by Customs and Excise show a large decline in fine art imports to the UK for 2003.

Movement of art and antiques shows dramatic swings

11 August 2003

THE latest figures published by Customs and Excise show a significant leap in fine art and antiques imports and exports for 2002. Exports to non-European Union countries rose by more than 20 per cent from 2001, while imports went up by 16.5 per cent.

UK international art trade continues to grow in value

11 June 2002

THE value of the UK’s international trade in art and antiques rose for the fifth year running during 2001. Total exports were down by 4.75 per cent to £1884m, but this was more than matched by a 13.5 per cent rise in total imports which were valued at £1623m.

Temporary export bar on important Barocci study

16 November 2001

ARTS Minister Tessa Blackstone has placed a temporary bar on the export of an important drawing, Study for the Institution of the Eucharist, by Federico Barocci (1528-1612).

Huge increase in fine art exports for 2000

13 November 2001

Trade gap in art also mushrooms: Fine art exports from the UK to non-EU countries have increased by 50 per cent in the year ending December 2000. Equivalent imports for the same period also rose by a substantial amount – 26 per cent.

Minister steps up rate of temporary export bans

17 April 2001

UK: ARTS Minister Alan Howarth has become increasingly active in placing temporary bans on the export of works of art

US ban Italian antiquity imports

20 February 2001

NEW regulations intended to ban the import of looted archaeological items from Italy into the USA are likely to increase the burden of documentation on antiquities dealers.