Rhino horn

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US antiques dealer lawsuit against New York's ivory ban gets green light to proceed

15 August 2019

US antiques dealers have been granted permission by a court judge to go forward with a lawsuit challenging New York's complete ban on the trade of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn, regardless of age, within state lines.


Lyon & Turnbull latest auction house to stop selling rhino horn

15 March 2019

Edinburgh auction house Lyon & Turnbull will no longer sell antique items made from rhino horn.


News In Brief – including the sale of a Nevinson study

03 December 2018

A round-up of art and antiques news from the previous seven days including the sale of a CRW Nevinson study.


Sotheby’s and Bonhams stop selling rhino horn at auction in Hong Kong after wildlife group pressure

26 November 2018

Sotheby’s is the latest auction house to pull the sale of rhinocerous horn artefacts from its auction.


ATG LETTER: Ivory and rhino horn view ‘does not make sense’

22 October 2018

MADAM – It is with some interest and concern that I read in ATG No 2362 of the new restrictions being proposed to government by BADA on the trade in rhino horn.

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Tighten rules on trade in rhino horn says antiques dealer group BADA

08 October 2018

Dealer body BADA have called for a tougher stance in the run-up to wildlife conference.

ATG letter: CITES on the ground

13 August 2018

MADAM – I thought your readers might be interested in having a greater understanding of the importance that CITES plays in protecting wildlife and fauna.

Lord Carrington of Fulham.

Total ivory trade ban is a “knee-jerk” reaction, House of Lords hears

21 December 2017

Conservative peer Lord Cormack has argued against a “knee-jerk” total ban on the trade in ivory.

ATG letter: What about endangered rhino?

24 April 2017

MADAM – I have been reading the responses in your letters pages from the antiques trade to the stringent ivory laws appearing around the world.

Martin Sims

Wildlife crime unit chief to tell ATG seminar on CITES: let’s prevent rather than prosecute

02 November 2016

The leader of the police body tackling wildlife crime has agreed to speak at the Antique Trade Gazette’s Seminar on CITES in January 2017, as the UK antiques sector faces the most serious threat ever to the trade of antique ivory.

COMMENT: Why modern ivory ends up in the antiques chain and how to stop this happening

27 September 2016

Michael Baggott, silver dealer and regular TV antiques pundit, looks to his own specialism for a solution to the antique ivory conundrum – and volunteers to help

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UK ivory ban threat: ‘government WILL consult antiques industry’

23 September 2016

The government is expected to announce that it will consult the antiques industry and other parties on the kind of proof that will be required to trade ivory pre-dating 1947, ATG has learned.

Ivory latest: Minister Andrea Leadsom to unveil a full ban on post-1947 ivory objects

21 September 2016

Environment minister Andrea Leadsom will tomorrow announce a full prohibition on the sale of ivory objects made after 1947, ATG has been told.

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UK dealers and auctioneers 'will have to prove ivory objects are 70 years old', sources say

21 September 2016

Auctioneers and dealers will have to provide proof that antique ivory is aged 70 years and older, according to media reports this morning.

Rhino horn carving of Guanyin

Joseph Chait pleads guilty in smuggling case

12 May 2016

Joseph Chait, a 38-year-old senior auction administrator with IM Chait gallery and auction house in Beverly Hills, has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to smuggle items of rhino horn, ivory, coral and a hornbill casque.

Research project begins into effect of total ivory ban in the UK

20 November 2015

Stakeholders in the art market are being asked to participate in a project seeking to gauge the effect of a total ban on the sale of ivory works of art in the UK.

Florida auctioneer faces $1.5m and jail over illegal rhino horn

02 February 2015

The owner of leading south Florida auction house Elite Decorative Arts has pleaded guilty to wildlife trafficking and agreed to a fine of $1.5m.

New York to ban ivory and rhino horn sales

25 June 2014

New York is a step closer to adopting new restrictions on ivory after the State Assembly passed the bill to bar nearly all sales of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn.

Chinese dealer jailed in US over ivory smuggling

09 June 2014

An antiques dealer from China has become the latest person to be jailed over rhino horn and elephant ivory smuggling as the US continues its crackdown.

Jail for robbers who severely injured dealer

10 March 2014

One of two men who robbed an antiques dealer of a rhino horn in an attack which left the victim in hospital for weeks has been jailed.