Fonsie Mealy

apostle spoon

What lots caught bidders’ eyes in the last week? Five auction highlights including a silver spoon from 1528 that drew spectacular bidding

08 March 2019

ATG’s selection of hammer highlights over the past week include a Henry VIII apostle spoon making ten times estimate at an auction in Leicestershire, and a huge Minton majolica urn bringing similar levels of competition in Ireland.


Furniture: bright signs for the best

21 December 2018

While the market shows increasingly discerning tastes, quality definitely counts at auction.


Wanderings in the Irish market

21 December 2018

A copy of WB Yeats’ The Wanderings of Oisin… offered in a recent Irish sale was an example of Fisher Unwin’s 1892 second issue. That is rare enough, but this copy bore an inscription that made it very special indeed.


Auctioneers offer golden oldies

10 December 2018

Illustrated here are some of the oldest lots ever auctioned – three in the Evolution Sale at on November 20 at Summers Place Auctions (25/20% buyer’s premium) of Billingshurst, West Sussex, and the other from Fonsie Mealy (23% buyer’s premium inc VAT) of Castlecomer, Ireland, in a sale held on the same day.


Chairs sit pretty in salerooms among furniture auction selections

22 October 2018

At a time when catering for niche interests is a profitable path for auctioneers, recent sales in Scotland, Ireland and England have shown that the furniture market can still come to life – provided it meets three criteria.


Mealy’s Fine Art ceases trading after 84 years in Kilkenny

13 August 2018

One of Ireland’s leading provincial auction houses, Mealy’s Fine Art of Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, has ceased trading after 84 years.


Study emerges at auction for famous Irish view of star-crossed lovers

26 March 2018

Like Romeo and Juliet, Hellelil and Hildebrand’s relationship was doomed from the start.


Last selection of Yeats family lots come to Irish auction

27 November 2017

The material connected with William Butler Yeats in the family home of his son, the late Senator Michael, has proved as controversial – and profitable – as the great man’s writing itself.

Yeats glasses.jpg

Seen through a poet’s eyes: iconic spectacles worn by WB Yeats sell for 20 times estimate at Fonsie Mealy’s in Ireland

15 November 2017

Spectacles belonging to poet WB Yeats (1865-1939) sold in his native Ireland for €10,000 yesterday (November 14), 20 times their lower estimate, in the second and final auction of the artistic Yeats family’s effects.


Final slice of the Yeats family lots

30 October 2017

Further items from the talented Yeats family are heading to auction this autumn.

WEB Byron collar 25-10-17.jpg

The weird, wacky and sometimes wonderful at auction

25 October 2017

“A disgusting object” that may be of “some whimsical interest to an obsessive collector” is how Auberon Waugh described a telescopic ear trumpet as used by his father in his later years. Disgusting he may have regarded it, but far more palatable to auctioneers and dealers are the prices of such objects that collectors are prepared to pay.


Irish interest for Joyce and O’Brien

03 July 2017

Promoted in a catalogue issued by Fonsie Mealy (20/25% buyer’s premium) for its May 20 sale as something “for the collector who has (almost) everything”, an autograph section from James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake was sold at €27,000 (£23,480).

13-04-15-2087NE04A coromandel cabinet.jpg

Historic mansion in Ireland gives up its treasures

15 April 2013

Fonsie Mealy Auctioneers are selling hundreds of items from Fort William, a quirky Tudor Revival-style mansion in Lismore, Co Waterford, Ireland.


World’s first sports broadcast comes up for sale

21 November 2011

IN a world where instant electronic communication and exchange of information is available to all, two lengths of original Morse code ticker-tape seem akin to tele-antiquities.


A richly woven tale from Ireland…

28 October 2004

THE highlight of a Gerald and Sheila Goldberg collection of predominately Irish decorative arts sold by Mealy’s in Douglas, Cork earlier this month was this finely-preserved Aubusson tapestry, right, designed by Louis le Brocquy (b.1916).


Postcard offers brief new note on Chamber Music

10 June 2004

A POSTCARD sent by Joyce to the publisher Elkin Mathews sold for €12,000 (£8170) in a May 18 sale held by Mealy’s in Dublin.