Export Licences

Dolls' house

Government issues export bar for Georgian dolls’ house in hope of finding UK buyer

03 February 2018

A Georgian baby house or dolls’ house has been barred from export in the hope a buyer in the UK can be found.


Government issues export bar for JMW Turner landscape in hope of finding UK buyer

29 January 2018

One of the few large-scale oil paintings by JMW Turner (1775-1851) left in private hands has been barred from export in the hope of finding a buyer in the UK.

Francesco Guardi - Venice Rialto Bridge

Francesco Guardi’s Grand Canal painting sold at Christie’s is now barred from export

05 January 2018

A classic vedute by Francesco Guardi (1712-93) that sold at Christie’s in London this summer has been blocked from export.

Marquis de Sade’s manuscript

French government declares the Marquis de Sade’s manuscript, 120 Days of Sodom, a national treasure

19 December 2017

The Marquis de Sade’s manuscript, 120 Days of Sodom, and André Breton’s Surrealist Manifestos have been declared national treasure by the French government and have been withdrawn from a planned auction tomorrow.

Export deferral system under internal review

27 November 2017

An internal review into the export licence system for works of art is under way, writes Roland Arkell.


BADA teams up with logistics software provider to help dealers tackle key customs challenges

20 November 2017

The British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) has teamed up with Descartes Systems Group to help members manage interactions with Customs Authorities.


Buyer sought to keep £500,000 Salvador Dalí Mae West lips sofa in the UK

17 November 2017

A Salvador Dalí Mae West lips sofa has been blocked from export in the hope a buyer can be found to pay nearly £500,000 to keep it in the UK.


Government issues export bar for rare book by Shakespeare's contemporary Ben Jonson in hope of finding UK buyer

07 November 2017

Arts minister John Glen has placed a temporary export bar on a rare book with unique annotations to provide an opportunity to keep it in the country.


A lawyer writes: The fine balance in export licensing

30 October 2017

The UK rules around judging export licence applications for art works need to be more straightforward...


Controversial Meissen figure can leave the UK

16 October 2017

The estate of a prominent Jewish art collector has failed to secure the return of a rare Meissen figure that was the subject of a recent export stop.


Export sought for Canadian VC sold in London

09 October 2017

An unusual medals sale has led to an unusual outcome. An application is to be made to export from Canada the Victoria Cross group won by heroic Lieutenant Colonel David Currie after it was bought by a British private collector.

Italy reaches compromise on export regulations

02 October 2017

Italy has approved new laws relaxing the country’s art export regulations.

Iron age torc

Stoke-on-Trent’s Potteries museum welcomes home Wedgwood vase and kicks of fundraising for Iron Age torcs

16 September 2017

The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent had a double celebration today when it welcomed home a vase by master potter Josiah Wedgwood and launched a fundraising campaign to buy the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs.

Victoria bust

Government issues export bar for £1.2m Queen Victoria sculpture in hope of finding UK buyer

08 September 2017

A sculpture of Queen Victoria by Alfred Gilbert has been temporarily barred from leaving the country while the government searches for a buyer based in the UK to pay the £1.2m asking price.

Seal matrix

Government issues export bar on Scottish seal linked to Robert the Bruce

28 August 2017

Culture Minister John Glen has placed a temporary export bar on a Scottish two-part seal matrix linked with Robert the Bruce.

John Glen MP

Arts minister says he will "do all he can to support" art market interests

19 July 2017

The new arts minister John Glen MP has vowed he will do all he can to support the art market’s interests in government.

Schmadribach Waterfall

Government issues export bar for 18th century waterfall drawing in hope of finding UK buyer

03 July 2017

The department of culture, media and sport has issued an export bar on an 18th century drawing of Schmadribach Waterfall by Austrian Romantic artist Joseph Anton Koch (1768-1839) and launched a search for a UK buyer to match the asking price of £68,750.


Getty museum gets go-ahead to export £24.5m Parmigianino painting after no UK buyer found

15 June 2017

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles will be able to take a Parmigianino oil painting to the US after no UK buyer could be found to match the £24.5m price tag.

Meissen figure

Export bar for Commedia dell’arte Meissen figure

08 May 2017

A very rare Meissen Böttger stoneware figure has been barred from export from the UK by the government.

ironwork railing

Culture Minister steps in to prevent the export of ornate Chesterfield House railings

08 April 2017

The race is on to find a buyer to keep a set of English gilt bronze cast iron railings in the UK.