Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Books marking 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation offered in German auction

10 May 2017

As far as I can recall, my first introduction to Martin Luther was a colour plate in a children’s book, showing him nailing his ‘95 Theses’ to a church door.


Painting by Javanese prince emerges at Van Ham in Cologne

08 May 2017

On May 19, not for the first time, Van Ham in Cologne is selling a painting by Raden Saleh Ben Jaggia (1811-80), a Javanese prince who made a career for himself during the 22 years he spent in Europe, mainly in The Netherlands and Germany.


Portrait of a Man stands out in Munich

08 May 2017

Karl & Faber in Munich is offering 'Portrait of a Man, Holding a Carnation', a 16 x 11in (41 x 29cm) panel, attributed to Dirck Jacobsz (before 1497-1567) at its auction on May 19.


Fruit seller automaton winds way to Cologne sale

08 May 2017

Gustave Vichy was probably the most accomplished manufacturer of automata in fin de siècle France. A prime example of his art is putting in an appearance at the May 20 sale of Auction Team Breker in Cologne.

An 18th century imperial doucai winepot

Lempertz to hold Asian art auction outside of Germany to avoid cultural heritage law

02 May 2017

The controversial new German cultural heritage law has forced Cologne auctioneers Lempertz to hold its Asian art sale outside of Germany.


English humpback clock on offer in Frankfurt auction

02 May 2017

A rare English humpback carriage clock is coming up for sale at Dr Crott in Frankfurt on May 6. The 6in (16cm) high calendar timepiece with phases of the moon and an English lever escapement was manufactured in the 1890s by Jump of London.


Russian ceramic temple tribute to Catherine the Great

02 May 2017

A Russian ceramic homage to Catherine the Great is among the highlights at Schloss Ahlden’s sale on May 6-7 in Ahlden, Lower Saxony. The impressive 22in (55cm) high bronze-mounted porcelain ensemble in the form of a temple dates to the 1780s or ’90s and is estimated at €48,000. It was produced by the Gardner factory in Moscow, which was founded in 1765.


German government appeals Guelph treasure ruling

24 April 2017

The German state has appealed against a landmark US court judgment that allowed three US citizens to proceed with a case seeking the restitution of an important collection of medieval devotional art.


Horsepower fails in face of the atmosphere

18 April 2017

Otto von Guericke’s Experimenta nova (ut vocantur) magdeburgica de vacuo spatio… of 1672 describes the experiments in which he produced an air pump able to create a vacuum and thus demonstrate the pressure exerted by our atmosphere.


Four-star sword for military showman Patton

10 April 2017

One thing you could never accuse General George S Patton of was being shy. Not that top military men are exactly shrinking violets but even so, Patton is renowned as particularly bombastic. He fits perfectly into the type of American general in the Custer and MacArthur mould, happy to blow their own trumpets.


High-quality paper made in France aids in identification of charcoal drawing sold in Dresden

10 April 2017

A French Old Master drawing, a 20th century work by a specialist animal painter and an American Abstract Expressionist work were among the pictures that have performed strongly in auctions across the German regions and in Austria recently.


Russian medal marking victory over Persia sold at auction

10 April 2017

A 50 ducat medal commemorating the end of the Russo-Persian war was worth far more than its weight in gold at Künker (23% buyer’s premium) in Osnabruck in the March 13-17 sale.


Meiji incense burner is €12,000 (£10,435) Dusseldorf auction buy

10 April 2017

Numerous bidders competed for a5½in (14cm) high Japanese incense burner from the Meiji period (1868-1912) at a sale held by Hargesheimer (25% buyer’s premium) in Dusseldorf on March 10-11.


Let there be all kinds of light - German hammer highlights

05 April 2017

From minimalist lamp to starry chandelier


Engraving speciality: a late 17th century goblet

05 April 2017

For many centuries the German city of Nuremberg was a major centre for glass decoration.


Obituary: Rudolf Neumeister (1925-2017)

05 April 2017

Rudolf Neumeister, one of Germany’s longest serving auctioneers, passed away on February 23 at the age of 91.

US court rules heirs can sue Germany for return of Nazi loot

04 April 2017

A court in the US has given the go-ahead for Germany to be sued for the return of Nazi-looted art and artefacts under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.


International previews: Stuttgart

01 April 2017

On March 30 Nagel in Stuttgart is devoting a specialist sale to modern and contemporary art from the collection of Roland Hänssel, who founded the art publishing house Manus Presse in 1961.

illuminated Gospels

10th century Gospels return to Germany at $3m

25 March 2017

Following a deal between the German state and specialist manuscripts dealer Les Enluminures, this 10th century illuminated Gospels created at Liesborn Abbey will return to Westphalia.

First arrests under German cultural law

25 March 2017

Munich coin fair raided by 30 police as Nagel moves Asian sale to Austria