A green tinted opaque twist glass which sold for £22,000 at Bonhams’ sale of the Durrington collection.

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Choice examples of early balusters; Jacobite engraved glasses, glasses decorated in enamels by the Beilby family as well as colour tinted glasses, were all represented in this collection, purchased over many years, much of it acquired from Asprey and featuring many pieces with notable provenances. Until 2004 it was on loan to Broadfield House Museum.

As well as the rare Beilby enamelled glasses that led the auction (see ATG 2619 front page) colour-tinted glasses were one element that was particularly well represented here (a 1986 exhibition at Asprey of green tinted glasses, many of them from the collection of Michael Parkington, was the source for a number of pieces in the Durrington collection).


A blue tinted opaque twist which realised £22,000 at Bonhams.

The two most expensive tinted examples in this auction on November 15 were very rare glasses c.1765 which combined tinted bowls and feet (one in green the other in blue) with an opaque twist stem formation, each of which sold for a hammer price of £22,000.

The green-tinted version, which is probably from the Parkington collection, comes from a rare set of six. Others are in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Diageo Collection while two others from the Hubbard and the Kaplan collections were sold by Bonhams in 2011 and 2017 respectively for prices of £11,000 and £18,000 and a fifth example (formerly in the Durrington collection) was sold by Christie’s in 1986.

The blue tinted version is one of only three known examples, one of which is in the Fitzwilliam, the other having sold by Bonhams in 2017, also as part of the Kaplan collection, for £32,000.