A c.1920 Indian Kashmiri table lamp of bulbous form and decorated with stylised flowers in polychrome. It is priced at £1200 with Timothy Langston Fine Art & Antiques.

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Smaller, low-level lights are now more favourable than the ‘big light’ as “harsh overhead lights can give you the sunken, ghoulish appearance of the undead” according to The Guardian.

So has a trend for smaller lamps boosted sales among antiques dealers?

Jamie Sinai at Mayfair Gallery says: “I think there is a link between items being popular and in fashion and those things becoming what people are keen to collect. From my experience that link is clearer with the more decorative items that are used to furnish homes compared with the higher value collector’s pieces.

“In terms of lamps, yes, we have seen an increase in interest over the past few years, though it’s hard to say if that’s a direct result of interior design trends.”

Ebury Street, Belgravia antiques dealer Timothy Langston says: “I think lamp sales have been consistently strong for the last few years. As with all areas of the business it is hard to measure as many of our sales are linked to the completion of interior design projects.

He adds: “Antique lamps add sculptural form and colour as eye-catchers to a room setting. In richer more traditional settings, antique table lamps are a vital part of the fabric of a whole scheme. In all cases, table lamps provide an interesting alternative to overhead lighting.”