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Waistel Cooper pot

Fine Art Society promotes studio potter Waistel Cooper

17 January 2022

The first half of a single-owner collection of more than 100 works by British studio potter Waistel Cooper (1921-2003) is on offer at the Fine Art Society.


The web shop window: symbolist's painting of owls

17 January 2022

Thousands of items are available to buy from dealers online. Here we pick out one that caught our eye this week.


5 Questions: Barney James of The Home Bothy

17 January 2022

Decorative dealer Barney James of The Home Bothy stands at the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair in Battersea from January 25-30.


Clay shuts up shop after 48 years

17 January 2022

After 48 years dealing from a shop on New Kings Road in Fulham, dealer John Clay is closing his doors.


Now it’s Harvey & Woodd

17 January 2022

Edinburgh dealer Anthony Woodd has joined forces with James Harvey, pooling their combined 70 years of dealing experience to open Harvey & Woodd.


Waistel Cooper could join pottery elite

17 January 2022

Gallery hopes single-owner collection shows will boost profile of a prodigious talent


Yorkshire artist stars on home turf at Harrogate pavilions fair

17 January 2022

A selection of paintings by Yorkshire artist Owen Bowen (1873-1967) is exhibited on the stand of Walker Art Galleries at this month’s 'The Pavilions of Harrogate Decorative, Antiques & Art Fair'.

George II caddy-topped chest of drawers

Just read the label: dealer sells Giles Grendey chest

10 January 2022

A rare George II caddy-topped chest bearing trade labels for London cabinet maker Giles Grendey (c.1693-1780) has been sold to a London collector after its discovery by dealer Alexander George Fine Antiques.


Fedden feline appeals among the Freya Mitton highlights

10 January 2022

The Tabby Cat by Mary Fedden is among the highlights in Somerset dealer Freya Mitton’s upcoming exhibition of British art.


5 Questions: Masoud Mazaheri

10 January 2022

Masoud Mazaheri of Bakhtiyar is among the dealers set to appear at LARTA this month.


Dec fair left unexpectedly leading the field

10 January 2022

The Decorative Fair becomes first major event to be held in 2022 after others are postponed.

'Collected Works/ Works Collected'

Exhibition showcases Julian Opie's historic collecting habit

04 January 2022

Curator Maya Binkin discovered Julian Opie’s collecting habit on a visit to his London studio.


The web shop window

03 January 2022

Thousands of items are available to buy from dealers online. Here we pick out one that caught our eye this week.


5 Questions: William Edwards

03 January 2022

William Edwards of Simon Ray has a background in Chinese porcelain and specialises in Turkish and Persian ceramics and Indian sculpture.


London Art Fair: Pop art for those who like it hot

03 January 2022

This story was updated on January 6 following an announcement from the organiser.

Barewall reveals all about the ‘Lowry of the Potteries’

03 January 2022

Barewall Art Gallery has published a monograph on celebrated Staffordshire artist Arthur Berry (1925-94), known as the ‘Lowry of the Potteries’.


Gilbert at home in Wiltshire

03 January 2022

Cork Street gallery Browse & Darby kicks off the new year with an exhibition on artist Ed Gilbert in association with curators Flora Fairbairn & Co.

Ferdinand Decap

Leroy work is among early stars of London Art Week

20 December 2021

A portrait by Orientalist artist Paul Leroy (1860-1942) of a man in a yellow turban is among the early sales made during London Art Week (LAW).


Shooting over to the States

20 December 2021

Comet depiction is one of the highlights as UK dealers target US sales opportunity

Guy Cooper

5 Questions: Old Master dealer Guy Cooper

13 December 2021

Guy Cooper set up his gallery earlier this year and holds an online exhibition of small Old Master pictures until December 24.