Giorgio De Chirico, Manichini (Landau, TEFAF New York 2024)

Landau Fine Art brings Manchini, 1926, a gouache on paper by Giorgio de Chirico, which is available for a high six-figure sum.

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Manichini by Giorgio de Chirico is one of the highlights due to appear at TEFAF New York next month. Offered for a high six-figure sum by Montreal firm Landau Fine Art, the gouache on paper was produced in 1926, at a time when the Italian artist moved away from the Metaphysical poetic work for which he was known and turned to the painting of Renaissance Italy for inspiration.

However, his earlier work which emphasised faceless forms, distorted perspective and dreamlike cityscapes played a major role in sparking the Surrealist movement. Four years before he published the Surrealist Manifest (1924), formally establishing the movement, Andre Breton saw and was fascinated by De Chirico’s painting.

De Chirico was accepted into the group, but his drift away from Metaphysical work strained the relationship and he broke with them around 1926. Aligning himself instead with the Post-War ‘return to order’, he continued down the path set by pictures such as the one on offer at TEFAF.

Donald Ellis Gallery Complex Dance Mask (TEFAF New York 2024).Tif

This dance mask created by Yup’ik carvers c.1890-1910 appears to be a sea creature with the faces of a fish and a land animal. It is available from Donald Ellis Gallery for $450,000.

The fair runs from May 10-14 with a VIP day on May 9. Nearly 90 galleries from 15 countries attend offering Modern and Contemporary art, jewellery, antiques (particularly antiquities) and design in the Park Avenue Armory.

Other highlights so far announced include a 1948 bronze oblong cup by Alberto Giacometti offered by Galerie Jacques Lacoste, a Roman kore or feminine figure brought by Galerie Chenel and, on the stand of Ariadne, an early Cycladic II spouted bowl.