First-time participant at the Armchair Art Fair Rountree Tryon offers this gouache Blue and Gold Macaws by the painter Michael Jackson for £3950, signed and dated 1996.

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From 18th century watercolours to Modern British art to Contemporary pictures, the effort is organised by dealers to support the trade.

It is organised by dealers John and Felicity Rae-Smith of The Rae-Smith Gallery, who launched the event.

Now a fixture in the trade, this alternative ‘fair’ has advantages. Among them is the catalogue’s long shelf life. There are stories of pictures selling to buyers who hit upon the latest issue in a doctor’s surgery months after the event.

Like any fair, it is a chance for readers to encounter dealers they might not otherwise find. But this format also offers a chance for those less able to make it into the hustle and bustle of a busy event to bag a great picture.


Hartnoll and Daughters offers Vase of Roses on a Wall, an oil on canvas by Andre Bauchant, signed and dated 1926. It is available at the Armchair Art Fair for £6400.

Of the 12 dealers showing a total of 400 pictures in the Autumn-Winter edition are The Hunt Gallery, Julian Hartnoll and Daughters, Kaye Michie Fine Art and Manning Fine Art. There are also some newcomers to the catalogue this year: Rountree Tryon Galleries, John Davies Gallery and Jeroen Markies Art Deco.


This Mary Fedden oil on canvas Bunch of Grapes is offered by Kay Michie Fine Art for £19,800 at the Armchair Art Fair.

Several are also standing at the physical events this year too, including Haynes Fine Art and Derek Newman Fine Art (The Northern Antiques Fair) and Jeroen Markies and Rountree Tryon Galleries (LAPADA Berkely Square Fair).

The online version of the catalogue is available from dealer’s websites and on