Oil of a King Charles Spaniel by Hugh George Shaw - priced £2850 by John Noott.

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“A dog lover all my life, I have found it difficult to turn away some wonderful examples of both domestic and sporting canines,” writes John Noott, one of 12 ‘exhibitors’ in the fair.

He offers the picture for £2850, and it is one of 10 examples of canine pictures to be found in his pages.

Part of a series that launched during lockdown, the catalogue features nearly 130 pages of artworks to choose from, and has proven to be a major seller for participating galleries. Kaye Michie, for example, sold 18 pictures from the last edition. Organised by John and Felicity Rae Smith, exhibitors include Haynes Fine Art, Karen Taylor Fine Art and The Hunt Gallery.

PDFs of the catalogue can be downloaded from the websites of most participating dealers.