Frozen River South Esk by David Waterson, 1910 - priced £6000 by Dominic Fine Art.

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The picture, one of 12 in the show that will take place from December 2-8 in Harley Street, London, is available for £6000. Like all the artists in the show, Waterson is a lesser-known talent of the past.

According to the dealer: “Artistic potential depends as much on business practice as it does on talent. Waterson’s mistrust of dealers and disdain for money saw that he sold his works from a folder behind the counter of his local stationers. He was notoriously difficult to ‘get a price out of’ and was famous for saying ‘get them to give me what they feel it is worth’.”

This is the first formal exhibition staged by Dominic Fine Art, which is based in Plymouth.