Boat made out of cloves from Indonesia, offered by Galerie Lemaire for €750 at Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam.

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These models were made out of cloves grown locally for kretek cigarettes, which were made with a blend of flavours and tobacco. Boats such as the one shown here were created to sell to sailors and missionaries who came to the island. It is offered for €750 by Galerie Lemaire.

The fair has its 21st edition from October 26-29 in the church De Duif, bringing together 20 dealers from nine countries. Returning exhibitors include Adam Prout Ethnographic Art from UK, Galerie Punchinello of France, Michael Woerner Oriental Art from Thailand and Raccanello Tribal Art from Austria.

Newcomers this year are Joe Loux from the US and Raphaël Sevette of Switzerland.


Rob Temple offers this 19th or 20th century Yoruba cup for €1200 at Tribal Art Fair Amsterdam.

Along with a range of offerings, the fair features a lecture programme. This year there are two book presentations, a symposium on authenticity in tribal art and a lecture on the collection of architect Aldo van Eyck.