Ferdinando Quaglia (1780-1853), portrait of Ignazio Degotti (d.1824) seated in an Empire gilt fauteuil, 1812, six-figure sum at Emma Rutherford's show.

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Trading as The Limner Company, she stages her second show at Daniel Crouch Rare Books from November 20-24. It comprises 30 works from the 17th-19th centuries. Among the highlights is an 1812 portrait of the Ignazio Degotti, who was a celebrated set painter at the Paris Opéra. Painted by the Italian artist Ferdinando Quaglia (1780- 1853), he is shown seated in an Empire gilt fauteuil. It is offered for a six-figure sum.

Also on offer is a miniature, c.1795, of a child holding flowers up to their hair by Anne Mee (c.1770-1851). She trained under her father and later under society portrait painter George Romney. She secured a residence at Windsor Castle, and was commissioned to produce an entire series of portraits for George IV.


Anne Mee (née Foldsone) (c.1770-1851), a portrait miniature of a child, c.1795, £4750 at Emma Rutherford's show.

Rutherford enjoyed a successful launch with sales to the National Trust and the Royal Collection Trust among other institutions at her launch.

On November 23 she will be in conversation with Alison Lapper, the artist who consulted on Rutherford’s exhibition Without Hands: The Art of Sarah Biffin. The show was awarded a Critics’ Circle award for best commercial exhibition last month.