Vanessa Bell (1879-1961), Self-Portrait, c.1952, offered at Philip Mould’s exhibition 'Pioneers: 500 Years of Women in British Art'.

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Philip Mould & Company offers one of the major tributes to female artists with its exhibition Pioneers: 500 Years of Women in British Art.

It offers an assortment of miniatures and portraits, from a c.1550 portrait of King Edward VI attributed to Tudor artist Levina Teerlinc (1510-76) to a c.1952 self-portrait by Vanessa Bell (1879-1961).

Other familiar names such as Mary Beale and Dod Procter are also on offer and prices range from £2000-120,000.

“You now have a lot of museums and private collectors who are looking to fill gaps represented by female artists. They are improving representation which means there is more demand and greater attention to works by female artists than there was before,” gallery director Lawrence Hendra tells ATG.

Other female artists featured this month are French sculptor Félicie de Faveau (1799-1886), whose works are on offer from Stuart Lochhead and Didier Aaron, and 20th century artist Prunella Clough (1919-99), many of whose paintings are available from Osborne Samuel.


Attributed to Levina Teerlinc (1510s-1576), King Edward VI, c.1550, is offered at Philip Mould’s exhibition 'Pioneers: 500 Years of Women in British Art' where prices range from £2000-120,000.

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