An 'A' Marque doll, €84,000 (£73,045) at Ivoire Chartres.

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Her large collection was offered at auction by Sotheby’s back in 1996.

One of her dolls came up for sale again in France at Ivoire Chartres (22% buyer’s premium) on December 2 as part of a dedicated doll auction.

It was a rare example from c.1915: a French character doll of the type known as an A Marque, one of the most sought-after types for collectors. A Marques were made by the French sculptor and doll maker Albert Marque (1872-1939).

In collaboration with the French fashion house of Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix he created a hundred dolls which were dressed in special outfits created by the couture house.

Original costume

The doll offered by Ivoire Chartres, which stood 22in (56cm) high, had a head and body in Sèvres bisque porcelain and wore her original Margaine-Lacroix costume of a Scottish tartan silk dress and velvet jacket with matching bonnet and leather boots. It had featured on the cover of the 1996 catalogue for the Sotheby’s sale.

Estimated in the Chartres auction at €60,000-100,000, on sale day a battle between two Belgian and two French collectors took the final price to €84,000 (£73,045).