Epstein c.1935 u-base cocktail cabinet in burr walnut offered for £10,500 by The Design Gallery.

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There were six sons born to Morris Epstein who emigrated from Russia to London’s East End. He opened a furniture shop specialising in Georgian and reproduction pieces, and all six boys followed their father into various branches of the furniture business.

However, it was Harry (1909-96) and Lou (1911-86) who made the most lasting contribution to Art Deco.

Trading under a variety of names (sometimes separately and with others of their brothers) they produced furniture inspired by French designs and European modernism but on a grand scale. Their pieces were often in high-quality veneers, particularly burr maple, sycamore and walnut, and among their most iconic works were the ‘Cloud’ dining, lounge and salon suites.

After the Second World War, the six brothers held showrooms in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. They continued to produce furniture in a conservative Art Deco Style.

The Design Gallery covers the family with the help of Dr Roger Shuff Yatol, a research historian specialising in the Epsteins.

Among the works they have on offer is this c.1935 u-base cocktail cabinet in burr walnut, which measures 5ft 4in (1.63m) wide (and almost as high) and is offered for £10,500.